I'm afraid to go to school with child

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    Mom wants to send her DD child to school. He has a trach and needs frequent suctioning. He has G-tube too. I have gone with mom to doctor visits with the portable suction machine that doesn't work well. I am scared. What if that suction machine fails? I think I would feel self conscious too because I would always be causing noise with the suctioning and disturbing the classroom? Not to mention my back and having to carry "all the other stuff-ambu bag etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Is this for your job? Or is this your grandchild?

    I would say if for your job, the child should go to school. However, obviously, you need a working suction machine.
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    Nurses accompany children to school all the time and I haven't met one who said she didn't enjoy it. It is like going to school yourself. But you definitely need equipment that works and your agency needs to set up the parameters to be followed.
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    You definitely want equipment that is well maintained and in good working order whether you are in the house or out of it. I've gone to school with many children in the past. One was on a vent. You'd be surprised how well other children accept and become accustomed to the suction machine noises. I had many kids surround me at first, watching and asking questions. I answered them all in a way they could explain. (you eat with your mouth but Maria can't do that, she eats with this tube,...or the same with a trach... you breathe from your nose but she can't) They get it and it loses the fascination rather quickly. I enjoyed going to school with kids. It makes the day go fast. Most schools have a schedule for the kids allowing a break for toileting, feeding etc, so you aren't doing all care with an audience.
    Most disabled kids love being around children their age too.

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    Thanks all. This is for my job. Yes, I definately need to make sure that he has a good working suction machine. I hate having an "audience" but you're right the kids go out for recess etc. I had been worried that the other kids might complain or give me "dirty looks" for making noise during class. I'm glad to hear that the other kids lose interest after awhile. I hope he is going to go to school in Sept. by private car. The parents are strong and seem to have strong backs. They could carry all the emergency equipment for me as my back would not be able to survive it.
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    Does he have a wheelchair? The kids I went to school with (3 total) each had a wheelchair with special compartments on them to hold suction machines, vent, or whatever. Plus, using a backpack hanging off the handles for charting, meds, and other needed items is helpful. Most schools had a special locker or shelves (in the nurses office) where we could keep diapers/depends, extra clothing, feeding supplies, or whatever else might be needed in a pinch.

    The problem we have with the nurses we now send with students is the expectations of the school. Some of them want the nurses to be involved with the schoolwork (ex. helping to make art projects, tossing a ball during gym class etc) and some of the schools don't want them involved other then to do direct patient care. So it's nice for the agency to establish that at the beginning.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks Kyasi. Yes, he has a wheelchair. A backpack sounds like a great idea to put all the different supplies. I hope they will have a locker at the school available. That would sure be nice to not have to lug every single thing back and forth every time.
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    Also a backpack on wheels helps a lot! I never enjoyed going to school with my client either but did LOVE her teachers. How you do things is really up to the teacher....if the teacher doesnt mind it then just suction and do treatments as you normally would, if the teacher would prefer that you go to another area if possible, then do that. I also stay in the class at lunch so that I can do the loud things like neb treatments and CPT. I hated having to carry all that equipment around......especially when I was 9 mths pregnant!!! Good luck to you, you will enjoy it if you have good teachers. Better than sitting in the home for 12 hours!
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    Thanks aubreysmommy. I have a backpack on wheels that I could use to cart things around in. He has so much emergency equipment to bring to school. I hope I can physically carry all that stuff. I have a "bad back" and am worried that it might be too much for me to carry.
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    School nurses usually can hook the supply bags to the back of the wheelchair and that is sufficient, otherwise a rolling bag is a good idea. One patient told me that when he needed to be straight cathed, his nurse took him into a student bathroom to do the procedure at a time when other students wouldn't be crowding the bathroom.
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