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I just graduated from LPN school and passed my boards. Having alot of trouble looking for a job because most require 1 year experience. I'm getting very frustrated because I don't understand how you get experience if no one will... Read More

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    Quote from lvn2bsoon
    Looking back, I wouldn't have done it. I know how frustrating it is to try and find a job, but one can be found.
    In NY right especially if the OP is in the NYC area, there aren't always jobs to be found for new grads. And its doubly difficult for a new LPN, and even ADN RNs. Often people have to move (if they are able to) or wait 1+ years to find something, losing a lot of the knowledge and skills they learned in school. Some people are just plain giving up.I graduated in May with my BSN and had a heck of a time finding a job. Luckily for me, a longtime family friend is a supervisor at a pediatric home care agency nearby and they hire some new grads and put us through a preceptor program. My friend, who runs this program, is extremely careful about what kinds of cases she sends us on and makes sure a new grad is okay with families before sending us to orient. Some families say no, others like having new grads because of our enthusiasm and our willingness to "get down on the ground and play." If the experienced nurses at the agency and the experienced primary nurses precepting me feel that my skills are up to par and if the parents are comfortable with me caring for their child, then that's what matters. Just assuming that the OP will make a big mistake and harm a patient is rude and judgmental.And yes, there are cases with just a PEG or a mic-key button out there. I've seen them.
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