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  1. To reiterate "She can take less acute cases, ask for mentoring & slowly establish her comfort level & nursing skills." This can be working on peg cases, or as an aide in trach cases should she get into an agency that allows that.But thanks for the pep talk about all the new RNs running a muck causing brain damage.
  2. keeping in contact w. other nurses on the case & brushing up on CPR & asking about emergency protocol helps a lot for me
  3. Im not sure if that's true of all NYS agencies. Im signed on to a few myself w. less than a yrs exp. Some mom & pop shops, others more established. Agreed, thinking you know everything is not the best attitude to have in medicine in general for new or seasoned medical personnel... is easy for a newbies to miss a lot of crucial info as well as for more experienced caregivers to categorize all symptoms the same way (I'm thinking of some drs I know, ha). Good nursing skills comes with experience and time spent with the patient which you get a lot of in homecare. In this economy that year long exp is hard to get even oddball shifts. If an agency is open to hiring the OP, she should go for it. She can take less acute cases, ask for mentoring & slowly establish her comfort level & nursing skills.
  4. You don't need a yr of experience to obtain insurance in NYS. I'm a new nurse & am insured via NSO. With the quad case, does the pt have another nurse? If so ask to mentor with her to get trained on the lift & most importantly the pt & family quirks. I personally find that part of pdn to be the most tiresome With more invasive cases (trachs, vents, central lines) see if you can get as much training as possible so youre not thrown into something you're not comfortable with.
  5. hey tendrlovencare, I didn't get the position but it took 2 wks to hear an official rejection letter. My recruiter seemed by the book so that might be a decent timeline. Maybe you can call HR, not the recruiter herself and ask them when a good time to contact her/him might be. Who was your recruiter? You can PM me if you want. In anycase, it's a great sign that they gave you a heads up about sealing the deal. Double check with references to see if they're all completed too
  6. nycClara

    VNSNY 2nd Interview

    Hey NYRN10, Did you get the position? I just got called in for an interview w. vnsny this coming Monday for Nurse Intern in Acute Care. I'm a new grad. Was wondering what the questions are like for the first interview, and the 2nd? Even on the phone the recruiter/HR person asked if anything stood out about myself which threw me off the loop. it was past 4pm, and i was snacking..lol
  7. Hey waitingRN, Did you finally hear back from LIJ? I'm in the same boat. It hasn't been a week yet but will be soon. I met with the recruiter, and manager. They emailed me for my references the same day and I haven't heard from them. I'm worried that either my references weren't the best or the discrepenices in employment dates threw things off. I said I worked till feb 2008 when I left at March 2008. I didn't know I was a month off till I double checked with my past managers who were my references...I'm not sure how bad this looks...getting worried..
  8. Hi, I'm completing the program. The education that comes with the 60k cost isn't exceptional. Double check the clinical hrs, and simulation, clinical instructor to student ratio, capstone hrs offered at other schools to compare the differences and similarities. The one good thing about the school is if you're interested in working in the affiliated hospitals, and general upstate most institutions know the school and faculty so that helps. However, if you're looking for anywhere else out of state, even within state like nyc the career center, which consist of one lady is lacking.
  9. Hi guys, I just went through an interview for ROC for the incoming Jan 2011 class, and was told I wouldn't be able to hear back till September. 2+ months of waiting is a little nerve wrecking. I was wondering if anyone else received an interview, and for those accepted how long did it take to get back to you? I wonder if they give the September timeline to the not as strong applicants :-/

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