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Getting a raise in private duty nursing? - page 5

When I worked in nursing facilities, I didn't have to ask for a raise. I would get my evaluations and then they would say something like OK, we are giving you 50 cents more an hour now. So how does... Read More

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    On a serious note, I am sorry to hear that the nurse didn't even have the courtesy to call you back with her decision. I truly would be very interested in the position. We have school cases out here too and the agency (Maxim) that usually handles these school cases does not pay that much to their nurses.
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    Don't go into shock but I did get a raise!!! He tried at first to tell me that because of medicaid he could only offer me a 25 cent raise. He asked if that was acceptable and I said NO. I am now making RN wages which isn't a whole lot here in Florida.( $16 an hour) However, every little bit helps-that's for sure.
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    When I started in private duty as a new grad I was told by the hiring person also an LVN that I would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get a raise and that I should leave after a year and to call her to recommend a better agency.
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    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    When I started in private duty as a new grad I was told by the hiring person also an LVN that I would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get a raise and that I should leave after a year and to call her to recommend a better agency.
    That's so true!!!! He told me that he very rarely ever gives a raise. He said that the great majority of Maxim nurses have been working for years and years without even a nickle raise. Yes, I think some nurses go to Maxim just to get trained and then after a year of training they move on to the much better paying agencies.
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    Quote from ArwenEvenstar
    yep! I recently ran into the family of a case I used to work through Maxim, and they had been without a nurse for over a month! Unable to staff a case for that long?! Maxim digs their own grave!! And this was a high tech case that got the highest reimbursement rates.

    Kyasi, you sound great! I hope your nurses appreciate you. If you treat the nurses (and HHA's) like professionals and show appreciation for good work, you are more likely to get and keep reliable, competent, and loyal employees.

    Maxim clearly does not get that. Their whole business structure is wrong.

    Maxim gave me the biggest bunch of bull. Not only blamed medicaid reimbursement rates, but mentioned all the other "expenses" they have to pay for employees...ya know social security, office overhead, etc. I was about to start sobbing for how little Maxim makes. (yeah, right!) The male director of this location lives in a posh, luxury home. How do i know? He lives in the same neighborhood as a case I worked. He earns enough to live in luxury, but won't give a nurse a 50 cent an hour raise.
    To Arwen & Blackcat (and thank you Kyasi),

    Add to the issues you have mentioned such as the "office staff giving orders, withholding hours, and speaking to you condescendingly," the fact that, "we just wanted to OVER emphasize now, and you have to sign this agreement, that YOU are an AT WILL EMPLOYEE." Oh and everyone had to drive to the office to pick this up and sign for it and get it back to the office by the deadline. The pay is pitiful and the raise finally, did nothing to keep up with the new grocery and gas rates. If only we were treated with dignity such as Kyasi does, things would look so much brighter. We had a supervisor like her a long time ago, and it was like day and night compared to what has been doled out by the corporation lately. Shortly after many signed up for donation to its endowment fund, our weekend premiums were cut in half and other benefits froze. We are hoping for a breakthrough, but don't know where it is going to come from as we are just a small part of this entity. Yes, I know the upper management also live in the same neighborhoods we go to work in, and there is not much recognition of us as human beings with gifts, talents, education, ethics, morals, and compassion toward our clients. The organization brags about top qualified help, but as to which ones of us are, I don't think they really know or care. The true standard now is, "just do your job, nothing more and nothing less." Sad.

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