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    I am new here. I am in the process of planning my own business, either home care (private duty) or care manager (I just became aware of this title; is anyone familiar with it?). I read in an old post that a nurse became a Medicaid/Medicare provider and apparently was able to use those resources as sources of payment. Does anyone know how you become a M/M provider? And, how fast do you get your payments from them?
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    I'm knterested in learning how to do this as well. Help??
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    why don't you 2 team up and create a nationwide organization, the way that orgs such as bcbs/blue cross and blue shield has done, not to mention others? I'm game to do my share of investigating and creating a corporation/organization.
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    btw....i work at bcbs and i'm gathering necessary info to do just that.
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    This is the website for New York & is where you begin the process of obtaining your medicaid provider number so you can be reimbursed thru Medicaid. The pay is excellent - but you have to remember to take out quite a bit in taxes since it's your own business. I personally think this is one of nursings best kept secret.
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    I'm a medicaid provider in Ohio. I didn't know you could become an individual medicare provider? Have you learned anymore about this??
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    Can someone explain in detail how this works? thanks
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    I would love to know how and where to start this process in illinois.
    Any Illinois individual medicare/medicaid providers out there??
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    i've heard of this before. i'm curious as to how one finds patients to take care of?
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    I wonder how the new Heathcare reform bill will effect this?

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