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Become Medicaid/Medicare provider

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    I am new here. I am in the process of planning my own business, either home care (private duty) or care manager (I just became aware of this title; is anyone familiar with it?). I read in an old post that a nurse became a Medicaid/Medicare provider and apparently was able to use those resources as sources of payment. Does anyone know how you become a M/M provider? And, how fast do you get your payments from them?
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    I'm knterested in learning how to do this as well. Help??
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    why don't you 2 team up and create a nationwide organization, the way that orgs such as bcbs/blue cross and blue shield has done, not to mention others? I'm game to do my share of investigating and creating a corporation/organization.
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    btw....i work at bcbs and i'm gathering necessary info to do just that.
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    This is the website for New York & is where you begin the process of obtaining your medicaid provider number so you can be reimbursed thru Medicaid. The pay is excellent - but you have to remember to take out quite a bit in taxes since it's your own business. I personally think this is one of nursings best kept secret.
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    I'm a medicaid provider in Ohio. I didn't know you could become an individual medicare provider? Have you learned anymore about this??
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    Can someone explain in detail how this works? thanks
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    I would love to know how and where to start this process in illinois.
    Any Illinois individual medicare/medicaid providers out there??
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    i've heard of this before. i'm curious as to how one finds patients to take care of?
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    I wonder how the new Heathcare reform bill will effect this?
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    I am in Illinois as well. I will have to check the New York website. On another note, I was browsing the threads here in the last few days and noticed "foot care" which interests me. Does anyone from IL know what the Nurse Practice Act says about independent nursing foot care? I searched yesterday for quite some time, but didn't find that addressed in the NPA or Dept of Prof Reg.
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    I recently got my NPI (national provider ID) in order to apply for state certification and Medicaid certification for private duty nursing. I got the directions for how to apply at the state health website. Don't have any more info since I am awaiting provider certification.
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    Lacourty, what state are you in, and what is the health department you are referring to - the Department of Public Health? Are you an advance practice nurse? I searched Illinois sites and I'm pretty sure I would only qualify for M/M reimbursement if I were a Master's level nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist, which I'm not. I have an ADN. Thanks