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    Hi, i just recently became a private duty nurse in NY, Since i've just got approved by medicaid and i already have my npi, does that mean i can only bill medicaid and not any other insurance provider?, as well as how often i should visit patients, and which patient i can visit?. Also wanted to know if u have a biller or u bill it ur self?, also where can i get a form for the patient chart, and where i can get the form for physician to fill out for patient( so that the doctor can give me his patients to take care of)? Since i live in ny, i need to know where i can get all the forms that i need for the patient and to put it in the chart?
    Thanks in advance!!

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    You might want to post this thread in the private duty forum.
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    Yes, i just did, thank you. I am new in this web site
    thanks soo much!!
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    There are so many forums, just about one for every topic imaginable.
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    Just wanted to clarify something that you may be confused about. I work for an agency in NY State. We were all required to obtain an NPI number, but that is not the same as obtaining your provider number to do home care cases on your own. To be able to do private duty homecare, you must apply and obtain a number for fee-for-service .
    Here is a link to that site:
    I am just trying to help you and try to explain the difference, because I think you have 2 seperate things confused.
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    Yes, ur right. That is what i did and i already have my npi and i already got my medicaid approval just this week. The only thing i need is the forms for patient chart and where i can find these forms? And how many forms there should be? If u can give me a web site where i can find these forms i will be thankful.
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    Do u know where i can get forms for the patient chart?
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    My friends that do private duty on their own just keep a notebook, where they write down notes to keep a record of the patients day. They keep a seperate notebook for every patient. All you submit, from what I understand is the hours you are billing for, not nurses notes. Families usually have a care plan in the home. The way my friends get jobs is to advertise on craig's list or from word of mouth. In my area lots of families advertise in the newspaper also. Good luck!
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    So what your saying is that after you get a NPI number your able to bill Medicare directly. Without having to go through an agency.
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    moved to private duty nursing forum

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