Workplace isn't WORKING with me...

  1. I'm starting my last set of pre-reqs in a couple of weeks. I'll be in Anatomy & Physiology 9AM-10AM on Monday-Friday and Psychology, what they call half/half, meaning I attend 2 days from 10AM-11AM on campus and 3 days online. My work schedule is set at Sat-Tues 7-4. With that just being 32-hours, I asked for a decrease down to 24 hours, to leave time for studying and less stress through pre-reqs because I stress about my GPA (it's only a 2.85 right now, so it's cutting it too close and I want it a lot higher) and exams. Also, the people I work with are horrible and stress me out, also I'm working in 100+ degree weather right walmart. Well after I filled out the request form, they denied it and said they could knock me down to 3 8-hour shifts and 2 4-hour shifts. That's not what I wanted at all. Hell, I don't even want to work there, let alone not have them work with my schooling as they all claim they do. I couldn't imagine how they would have reacted if I put down 20-hours maximum like I truly wanted to.

    Basically, I feel aggravated and am just wondering what you guys would do in this situation or if you have been in my shoes before? Honestly, I don't HAVE to work. I can afford to live as a poor college student for a while until I could find a healthcare-related job. I'm just torn between choosing whats right and don't want to screw myself over.
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  3. by   carbon86
    If you don't HAVE to work then why are you? It kinda seems like a stupid question to me. In all honestly if you don't raise your GPA up to at least a 3.5 your going to have a real tough time even getting into a nursing program. I know that a lot of schools say that you only need a 3.0 to apply but trust me, you won't even be looked at with a 3.0. If I were you i would drop work, and enjoy being broke (everyone should have to be poor at some point in their gives you a much better perspective on life) and raise that GPA as much as you can. Trust me, wally world will survive without you. Good luck!
  4. by   Jessicias85
    I agree with previous poster. If you do not HAVE to work, don't! It does give you good prospective to be a broke college student. If your employer is just going to stress you out more than school already does then I say good riddance.
  5. by   Iridescent Orchid
    I'm working because I've worked consistently since I was 16. It's not really all that stupid of a question, for I feel a void coming from when I do quit working for a bit. I'm used to working and just am not sure which route to take. If I know I could handle working without my grades slipping, of course I'd continue to work even though I don't have to, why would I not? I'm also going into an LPN program at a community college, then bridging, so currently the GPA requirements are not as high of a demand, especially in my small city. Of course, regardless, the higher the GPA the better, which is why I'm debating my options. Just wanting to hear others' POV. Thanks for yours. I know Walmart can survive without me, and in the end, I'm pretty damn sure I could happily survive without walmart myself. I'd just have to adjust to the non-working life, but I feel I might enjoy it to some degree and it'll definitely teach me how to budget, since I'll be living off of savings.

    Just looking for stories of around the same experiences and words of advice. I do still have car insurance, gas, and a cell bill to pay throughout my student life.

    Honestly, I know it may seem like somewhat of a dumb question I asked, but I feel I just have confusion because I've always been employed, and everyone around me is kind of anti of me quitting and diving into nursing school and a student loan.
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  6. by   carbon86
    You are going to spend the rest of your life working, take a break and enjoy it or your going to burn out. Not to mention being unemployed is what all of the cool people are doing right now anyways! ( that was a horrible joke..sorry but I had to say it)
  7. by   Iridescent Orchid
    Quote from carbon86
    You are going to spend the rest of your life working, take a break and enjoy it or your going to burn out. Not to mention being unemployed is what all of the cool people are doing right now anyways! ( that was a horrible joke..sorry but I had to say it)
    LOL, thanks carbon! I think I pretty much created this topic question, knowing deep down what I want and should do, there's just a lot of family around questioning why I'd quit my job and go to school, so on and so forth, so I wanted more insight from MY kind of perspective, from fellow pre-nursing or nursing students. I know what's in my best interest. I just feel a sense of nervousness about it all.
  8. by   Reese2012
    I was working at a hospital (as a tech) on an oncology floor working 3 12hr shifts. Before I was hired, I told the current manager that I will be taking pre req classes the manager was fine with that and wanted to know my current schedule. After a few weeks into my new working environment, I believe my manager was fired. A new one replaced her and was not giving me the days off I needed to complete my classes. She told me if I wanted to continue my education that I would need to find someone to switch with for the days I needed off. I thought this was unfair and since no one wanted to switch with me I was forced to drop my classes. Not only that, but after dropping my classes, my new manager came up to me weeks later saying that they would adhere to my schedule and I could keep it. I told her I already dropped due to missing class and I could not afford that. All said and done, I ended up quitting that job because they would not help me advance at all.
  9. by   Jessicias85
    Sorry to repost, but I know what you mean about having to adjust to a non-working lifestyle. I have had a job since I was 16 (at various places). I went to school for 2 years and pretty much flunked out because I was not ready for college. I had too many things on my plate at once. I took a few years off, worked, established a life, got some experience THEN decided to go back to school. I decided that my first semester back to school I would not work. This was a personal decision, it had nothing to do with the place I worked I just wanted to focus solely on school.

    I took out a student loan to pay my bills for the semester and quit my job. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. My grades were great and It gave me a firm footing to start with. Granted I have a loan that I have to pay back now, but with the solid footing I was able to secure a spot in the program and ensure that I had a career that will allow me to pay back that loan

    I know this post is long winded, but the point is I took a semester off work and although I cost me money, I see it as making money in the long run
  10. by   mzrainydayz
    I say follow your heart, but if I were you I would start looking for a partime job. A job that is going to work around your schedule. Don't quit until you find another one. If school is your priority then at all cost take that chance and give it your all, like you said this is your last set of prereqs and you want to have a higher GPA when you apply. I felt overwhelmed with working long hours and trying to pass my college algebra class, so I quit my job. Do I regret it no, because this is my last prereq and I need it to pass the class and have a higher GPA. I am looking forward to getting my acceptance letter. I have two more weeks of my math class left then I will looking for a partime job. I will let them know up front that I am expecting to attend the nursing program the Spring of 2012. Good luck
  11. by   Iridescent Orchid
    Thanks you guys. I hate you all had to go through this as well, but I suppose it all makes us who we are in the end and our future really is the most important thing. I wish you all the best of luck with the rest of your journey through school and thanks so much for your replies and advice.

    The main reason I'm feeling so strongly about closing the book on where I currently work is if they aren't reasonable enough to try working me minus 8 hours, how in the hell are they going to react once I'm accepted into the Nursing Program w/ a mandatory 7-4 five days a week (crossing my fingers extra-tight for January entrance)? I rather not wait around just to get treated like dirt for bettering myself and for not wanting to work at walmart for years on end.
  12. by   Cassie_Flip
    I might be the only party pooper, but unless you have little to no bills I would keep your job. Are job opportunities slim in your area? Do you live at home?

    Not having a job while trying to go to school was one of the biggest mistakes I made. Not only did I struggle having to pay extra costs for books, but my entire situation changed rapidly. I quit a terrible job on a Friday, had an interview Saturday morning (got the job), and was in a car accident Saturday night(four car pile up cause by elderly driver) and I lost the job due to being in the hospital and physical therapy. Savings went fast. I no longer had a place to live, I couldn't afford my car insurance, cell phone, and most importantly gas to get to school. I had zero money to eat and literally had to beg my Grandma to take me in. Needless to say I dropped out of school that semester. I was far to depressed, and couldn't even begin to focus on school. Not having money is hard especially when you've been consistently employed for 5 years like myself.

    I would suggest asking co-workers if they could switch shifts with you possibly. Saving more money before nursing school would be a benefit, especially if it meant you didn't need loans. I'm planning to quit working during nursing school and I'm saving for it now (working 40 hours a week, taking 15+ units).

    Good Luck!
  13. by   Iridescent Orchid
    Wow, I know that had to be a really hard time in your life. I hate you had to go through those things. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

    On my hand, I have no bills, other than my car insurance. It's the only thing my mom makes me pay for as long as I'm living at home, and it's only $320 every 6 months. Other than that, my only other necessity is cat food, cat litter, and gas.

    I'd love to ask for shift switches, but my manager has a hard time accepting those, along with anything else you happen to ask of him, and even if you pretty much get on your hands and knees (which I will never do) and beg him to do you a favor, he still gets in dick-mode and doesn't cooperate and asks 21 questions on your reasoning, while looking at you like a dumb ass. I feel I'd be of a different conclusion if they were cooperative. I rather spend time looking for a job that would just work me on weekends. Other than that, my savings would be plenty for me. My only responsibility is my cat and I'm also on my father's health insurance...

    I don't feel it's smart of me to work at a place I despise 32+ hours a week, in 100+ degree weather, or 40 degree weather (I work in the Garden Center, ours is pretty much like a green house along with no air or heat), especially with holidays coming up...people run to walmart like mad men, while trying to raise my GPA the highest I can raise it with these last 2 pre-reqs.
  14. by   Cassie_Flip
    Thank you very much. It was hard, but what isn't in life? Haha

    If you feel like it's a smart decision for you then I would say go for! Especially if your mom is letting you live at home for free, which is a nice bonus.

    If my parents were willing to help pay for school and/or let me live at home I definitely feel I would only need to work half as much as I do now! It's hard work but in the end it will all be worth all the struggles.

    Good Luck!!