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In my area, every school has a different pre test. All range from $30 -$100 dollars. Not to mention their study guides. I applied to several schools. Hopefully the profession will become streamlined. But seriously I get the... Read More

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    I have tested on three different nursing entrance exams : Tabe D, Teas and The Hesi.
    I would love if it was just a standard test. I spent 100 to take the Teas paid 50 for the book, Tabe was free... but depending where its taken up to 40.00!! The Hesi I believe was 10 but you can use ypur scores for a year I think. After studying and searching this site for entrance exam help and what not I noticed that we all get so stressed about a different test and its all the same!! My huband laughs at me all the time when Iam in entrance exam mode. I liked the Hesi out of all tests, I think because you can log on to the website and it will help you with the areas you need more knowledge.

    I agree..... I bet some teachers wouldnt pass it either! But they already have thier degree so they wouldnt have to test anyways... But a Freaky Friday would be interesting

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