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Who's ready for tomorrow?!

  1. 1 Hi guys! Who's starting school tomorrow and who's ready? I'm a little nervous and excited! Share your thoughts...
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    + = me. I don't start till Tuesday, but I CANNOT wait!! I'm so ready for classes to start again and I'm going to kick the crap out of anatomy... I can feel it in my bones! Good luck to everyone starting this week!!!!
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    I don't have classes on Monday, but I have orientation for my volunteer for Skilled Nursing Unit at local hospital!

    Half-scared and half-excited!
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    Monday happens to be my longest time in classes.
    I'm ready for my Human A&P I Lab, but I remember the professor saying that we'll have quizzes each day, usually. I'm sort-of hoping we don't have a quiz. But if we do, I hope it's over something I've been studying. I swear, if it's over anatomical positions, I'm going to cry.

    Then the lecture. I love my professor, so I'm looking forward to that class.

    Then English Comp. I. I love writing, so I'm also looking forward to that class.
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    I start Tuesday, but our nursing program has already assigned us about eight chapters to read, which I am currently taking a break from before I go insane.
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    Yes! Here's to tomorrow and MY LAST SEMESTER OF PRE-REQ CLASSES!!!! Whoo hoo! I Honestly never thought I'd make it to this semester. I just turned in my application to my dream BSN program and am pretty excited about all the possibilities of the next few months.

    Sorry for the atrocious amount of exclamation points in this. I'm clearly not excited at all.
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    I am ready!!! I have micro lab in the AM following micro lecture. I'm do nervous but I'm do ready to start of this semester.
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    Good luck everyone! I start tomorrow last semester at University before I apply. In A&p 2 we have to already come prepared so I am guessing we will be quized on the first day!
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    I am... I have Micro lecture M/W Micro labT/R. & computers online. My last 3 classes before I can apply to the program.
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    I'm a little nervous about Monday, but i've had this professor before for bio class online, so i kind of know his teaching and how to use my Jedi mind tricks on him Lmao yea right, anyways. However way more information to study for in A&P 1. I'm pumped, so here comes the A i'm aiming for. Good luck everyone.
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    I'm definitely nervous, but feeling pretty good. Looked at our roster and there's 6 of us doing AP 1 and Micro this semester. I have AP 1 at 9:30 in the morning, and I'm definitely not a morning person! But, I had read the first two chapters, with some pretty extensive notes.. So I'm feeling pretty good!
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    dont start till the 3rd of sept. thank god i have all pre reqs up to and including ap 1, 2 micro and everything under done... nursing 101 on the way
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    I've got a health screen appointment this morning at 10:00 AM out at the hospital I'm hoping to begin volunteer work at, then I've got A&P I at 6:45 PM this evening and Wednesday evening. I've looked over the syllabus for each of my classes (all others are online)...doesn't seem to terribly overburdening, which is nice. I'm stoked and ready!

    Let's do this! Good luck you guys!