which math to take

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    i am trying to figure out my math classes. I could take pre-calculus or a statisics class this coming year. I could take either one for the program i want to get into but i am wondering what others have taken and there opinion of the material learned.


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    I think it is personal preference. Which do you like more? Algebra/Trigonometry or gathering and interpreting data for surveys? Both to me are yucky but I'd go with statistics if I had to choose. Good luck in your choice!!
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    Statistics is required by many more health related programs than pre-calc is. It is also required by some advanced classes - either BSN level or masters level. It will help you better understand the research that is essential to the "evidence-based practices" that are either already a big push in most/all health related fields or soon will be... particularily nursing.

    Precalc gives people in health related fields (other than bio-engineering areas) nothing other than a math course at a higher level than college algebra. There is some value in higher level math as far as training your brain, as there is in any systematic study of anything.

    Statistics is by far your better choice.
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    Take stats. You WILL need it for bsn. Get it done now.
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    I would recommend stats. Every BSN program around me requires this course. I am currently taking my stats course now, and I can see where I will use this as a nurse. I am also in college algebra, and other than making me think critically about solving problems, I do not really see using this type of math in the future.
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    I agree with everyone else, take stats! It is a prerequisite for almost all BSN programs. And you won't really need to know anything you learn in pre-calc for nursing...
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    Stats. Get it over with now and you will be glad you did later, especially if you want to continue your education.
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    You are going to need Statistics for your BSN, since it is a prerequisite for Evidence-Based Research course.
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    Statistics is getting to become a general requirement for your BSN so I suggest you take it now to get it over with. Good luck!
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    I agree. Go with Stats.

    I have a BS in Biology. For that degree, I took college algebra, trigonometry, and calculus I. I decided to go back several years after graduation for my BSN. Even though I had taken those math classes for my BS, I was still required to take a Stats course for my BSN.

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