Where are you going to school?

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    I though it would be fun to see where everyone plans on attending school and when. Maybe we could meet people who are in the same area!

    I am in St. Louis Mo and plan on going to Maryville University's WEC BSN program beginning in August 2014.

    Anyone else in MO? Where are you from?
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    I'm taking prereqs at Bemidji State University in a small town in northern Minnesota. Nursing school starts for real in Spring 2015.
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    I am in TN. Currently taking pre-reqs at Columbia State Community College and applying to Belmont's ABSN program for August 2014.
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    I am finishing pre-nursing courses at South University Tampa and will be applying for the Spring program soon.
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    I'm in VT applying to NHTI in NH And VTC in VT
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    I go to Ivy Tech in the state of Indiana and will be applying for the program for Fall 2014.
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    I'm applying to the ASN program at Coastal Bend College in Texas.
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    Kaplan College in Jacksonville, FL.
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    I live in Cape Coral, Florida taking pre reqs at Hodges University hoping to transfer to Nova or Edison State College
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    I'm at Ivy Tech too. I will be applying Fall of 2014

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