What to do if you missed a college interview? What to do if you missed a college interview? | allnurses

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What to do if you missed a college interview?

  1. 0 This is no one else's fault but mine and its a very cliche excuse, but I missed the interview simply because I overslept. I set both alarms on both cellphones and neither alarmed (later found out it was because I had both phones on vibrate due to the annoying ringtones I kept hearing all day). Then there was the issue of not getting enough sleep because I was up until 2 am with a crying 7 month old little boy. I can't believe I didn't even hear when my house mates were getting ready for school. Anyways, What I want to know is, what should be my next course of action especially if I already had to reschedule once before? The name of the school is Chamberlain College of Nursing: Atlanta.
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    Honestly, chamberlain is a reasonable place. They may let you reschedule. Just call.
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    Agree with PP. Chamberlin in a commercial (for profit) school and not as picky as others. For heaven's sake, don't tell them you overslept. This would give a very bad impression because attendance is extremely important in nursing school.
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    Eh, your money is as good as someone who was on time. I really doubt a for-profit school like that cares. Just call and make up an excuse and go from there
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    I would call and try to reschedule. Don't make any excuses, either. "I missed my appointment, for that I apologize. Is there any way I can reschedule?"