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I don't know if there is a thread anywhere on this site for this topic, but I'll start one anyway. Also if anyone else needs to vent out their issues here please do so especially since none of us are... Read More

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    I was hit with some crazy circumstances that I originally wasn't expecting and managed to pull together an application for an accelerated BSN program. I knew that it was a stretch, as I was taking 4 prereqs this semester and planned to take the other 2 in the summer before start of the program if I was accepted. My mom is a dean at a CC and we both just knew that in such a competitive program, me with that many prereqs to complete and not any other recent schooling than my other degrees from years ago would not be that competitive against others who already had all their prereqs successfully completed. So, of course, as we predicted, I was not accepted to the program.

    It has made it hard for me to find the motivation to keep pushing through my 4 courses, but I am. I know that if I keep going and keep my 4.0 in these classes, along with some other things I'll now have the time to do like volunteering at hospitals and some other volunteer work I want to do and getting certified in CPR and such, will hopefully help me be very competitive next year. The good news is that I get the summer off to get my ducks in a row before I take the rest of the classes and to set up all my plans!

    But...to hedge my bets, I am also going to apply to a traditional BSN program and an ADN program in addition to the accelerated. If I get into all three, I can choose which one seems best at that time. If I only get in to one or two, the path is laid out before me. I am not going to give up and am going to enjoy the extra time I've been given. The details will work themselves out!

    So, hang in there!

    P.S. Dragonfly, great post. Very motivating for me to read this morning as I head into the last month of insanity with my classes. Your attitude is fabulous!!!

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    I don't know what area you're in and how many CC are near by. If you have a low GPA, apply to a school that places more emphasis on tests instead. I was fortunate enough to be able to apply to a school that emphasized the HESI test score over GPA, my GPA for that school was a 3.08 and I had 2 C's! When I spoke to the financial aid officer, she said she was surprised I even got in and had never seen a student be admitted to the program with a single C, much less 2.

    I was so unsure of myself that I had resigned to a back up plan of getting my Bachelors in anything (anything being Criminology) and becoming a Special Education teacher afterward by taking state tests. Before I had a back up plan, I literally had a panic attack every single day, because I just knew that I could never get into a nursing program and my life was over. Have a back up plan and keep faith! I truly believe my admission was through the will of God alone (not trying to get religious on you, but it really was a miracle that I got accepted!). Pray on it, if you're religious, but always have a back up plan, just in case!

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