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I tried to find a recent thread about tape recorders, but the most recent thread I found was 2008. So, I thought I would create another one. I'm in the process of trying to find one for my A&P class, do you have any suggestions?... Read More

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    I used to use a $100 olympus audio recorder, but found I actually get better results with the Hi-Q MP3 recorder android app on my Nexus S phone. I have much more control for adjusting gain levels so that the instructor is loud enough but not too loud. A meter shows me the volume levels being recorded in real time so I can adjust accordingly.

    There's a free version but I went ahead and splurged for the $4 version ;-) I can easily plug my phone into my computer, download the recordings which have the time and date tagged to them, change the name to whatever I want, and email it to friends on the rare occasions they miss a class. Since the screen can be off during recording, I can record for 5 hours of class and still have plenty of battery life on my phone.

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    Quote from RN2serve
    I graduated last year, but I had a LiveScribe pen. It records the lecture while you take notes, draw pictures, whatever.
    My study partner uses one of those and she LOVES it. It's pretty convenient, and she's able to go directly to certain parts of the lecture with relative ease.

    I should have added in my earlier post that with my little Olympus digital recorder, I have been able to keep an entire semester of lectures and reviews on the recorder's drive with plenty of room to spare. I can't go directly to parts of the lectures with a quick touch of a button, but I do jot down times periodically during the lecture so I can just fast forward to portions when I need to.

    I have always plugged ear buds into my recorder and listened to lectures while on the exercise bike at the gym.

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