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Has anyone ever considered what specialty they would like to do in nursing? I was considering trauma, med-surg, cardiac, or neuro.... Read More

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    Yeah me too. Not looking forward to that @ all!!! Good Luck! Where do you live? I stay in FL.
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    Since I want to be a midwife, obviously L&D, Women's Health/Postpartum/ NICU or PICU. I'd also be interested in the ER to get good skills and see lots of different stuff. I DO NOT want to work in pysch or geriatric. A nursing home would be my absolute LAST resort. And I mean LAST. lol.
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    After graduating, I'll obviously take anything I can get. But I hope to work in the ED... as an EMT that holds special interest for me.
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    Quote from saldridge
    Yeah me too. Not looking forward to that @ all!!! Good Luck! Where do you live? I stay in FL.
    I stay in VA
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    lol. I start doing clinical next week for my CNA class so it might interest me lol
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    Eventually I would like ICU, maybe OR scrub nurse. But, I am so excited for clinicals to see what all the departments are like. But, I will keep my mind open since I will have to start out where I can and where I can learn the most!
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    CRNA all the way for me. Upon graduation work in the ICU first of course. I also would like to get into a nursing grad residency program. In addition I'm hoping more schools transition from MSN to DNP for CRNA school since eventually all NP and CRNAs will need that title which I think is wonderful since a lot of duties they do are similiar or just about the same as an MD.
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    Forensic nursing of some kind, after starting off maybe in the ER or something that gets me right in the thick of things. There are a lot of things I can see myself being happy doing, though - I just find the combination of nursing and the legal system to be very enticing, since they are the two fields I have always found myself caught between.