What others classes can I take for nursing school? What others classes can I take for nursing school? | allnurses

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What others classes can I take for nursing school?

  1. 0 Hey everyone! I am new here and need some advice. Today is the last day at my school to fill out your schedule. I am a pre-nursing student. I currently attend community college. I transfer from a unveristy. I am a sophomore. I have taken all of my pre-req classes. Okay! My first semester of college I took english comp 1, a&p 1 (I made a D, so I am taking it over now), intermediate Algebra, intro college life, fitness course, and general psy. My second semester I took eng comp 2, microbiology, college algebra, human growth and development, and sociology. Right now I am taking public speaking, a&p 1, computer app, art apprension! I am struck! I need 12 hours! What other classes can i take! PLEASE HELP! (sorry it this is too long)
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    Nutrition. Statistics. A&P 2
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    I am going to take a&p 2 next semester and my school don't offer nutrition. And I think I will faint if I even thought about taking statistics. I sign up for first aid/cpr.
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    I took medical language and pharmocology while waiting to finish. Those are always handy for when you get into a nursing school!

    Good luck!!!
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    Health (like community or women's), medical terminology, ethics, abnormal psychology, aging psychology, or spanish can be in addition to a & p 2.
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    I'm taking advanced physiology after I finish A&P 2. My nursing advisor suggested it. She said if I can get through that class with a good comprehension that it will make nursing school a bit easier. Just a thought anyways. : )
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    Do you guys think taking a&p 2 and chemistry will be too much!
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    Yes I wouldn't take two science classes. Think about the lab time you would have to do. Take another class like pharmacology or something that would benefit in Nursing.