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I had imaginary thoughts of suicide lol :lol2:. I know. Suicide isn't funny but I was never thinking of acting on it! Anyways.. What happened when you got rejected from a nursing school you applied to? Edit. I didn't get... Read More

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    This is the second time i was rejected from VCU nursing, i just got my letter today.hahaha The lst time i kinda knew i wasn't gonna get in with 2.9 gpa. But now i have 3.7 for pre-reqs and more hospital experience. I think they focus alot on ACT and SAT scores, which i think is stupid. Some test you took in high school shouldnt determine how you going to do in the program,especially if you meet all the gpa requirments. its bullFeels like they have me running in circles:spin:

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    The only school I applied to last year was NYU, I put so much time and effort into my personal statement, my recommendations were glowing, my transcript was not great. I got rejected. I found out at work and I was just devastated. I found the strength to keep it bottled up for the day, but by the time I got home I just cried. And I cried. And cried some more. This was last April, I put it all on the back burner without ever giving up entirely on it, but now I'm ready to get back on the ball. I'm not your average student, I'm 24 and had to put my education on hold because of money trouble. The university I was attending doesn't offer nursing, and now I'm in a pretty unconventional transfer situation.
    Rejection happens, and if there's anything I regret about the situation it's not taking the time to do all my pre-reqs before applying. I didn't know what I was doing when I applied, and I deserved to be rejected. After doing a little research and making some contacts, I'm finally getting my sh*t together, and hopefully I'll be in a BSN program by Fall 2014.
    Don't take it as hard as I did. Just do what you have to do, and get back to it. The crying was useless and only ended in me feeling sorry for long enough to miss 2 semester's worth of deadlines.
    Good luck to you, and just don't take it so hard!
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    find out why I got rejected! work on that! And do not speak todays slang, turn your phone OFF (your not that important to be interrupted by a flaky text), and focus on the job interview. If your marks arent not that great, explain why. Your interviewer is watching how you react. Its similar to a first date!

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