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So, you either have to take A&P II and Micro together or A&PII and biochem together or you die in a fire. Which do you pick? You're also taking an online writing course and a abnormal psych class. You have a 3.8 gpa. GO!... Read More

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    A&P II and Micro. I didn't take them together cause I was scared lol, and decided to take A&P with a bunch of other gen ed classes. Then when I took Micro the following semester I noticed I could have taken them together without complications. But it also depends on the instructors, and I don't mean you should choose the easiest ones because that way you probably won't learn that much, but the ones that are passionate about the subject and are willing to teach you properly but still being fair with tests and stuff.

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    University of Maryland's School of Nursing gave me a list of classes I have to take at my specific school I'm attending now and they listed "Intro to Biochemistry" as my pre req for chemistry.
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    I would suggest BioChem and A&P II. That BioChem class sounds equivalent to my CC's "Chemistry of Life" class which is General Chem/BioChem/Organic Chem, which is what I'm taking next semester!

    I'll be taking Microbio over the summer!

    EDIT: The Chem of Life class is a pre-req for Microbiology at my CC! (:
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    Tough choice! Taking two labs at the same time is difficult, but it can be done! ( I'm in my second semester of nursing classes, working on a BSN. I hold a BS is Biology with a minor in Chemistry.) I am definitely familiar with taking lectures with labs concurrently. I have taken Gen Chem. 1&2,, Organic1&2, and Biochem1&2. Biochem was pretty difficult, but it sounds like you're Biochem class is more of a combined intro course of all three. I would recommend taking A&P and Biochem together. The courses will (hopefully) complement each other well. This also will leave you with one lab to focus on at a time. The only thing to think about is if you leave Micro for the summer, the class AND lab will be accelerated due to time constraints. The questions is two labs concurrently at the slower pace of a "long" semester, or one lab at a time, yet with Micro lab being accelerated. Good luck on your choice!
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    Quote from Chelsea13

    Halcyonn, I chose "die in a fire" because if I hadn't I would have received replies that said "Don't take two lab courses together" which unfortunately isn't an option. Thank-you for your input, I appreciate it!
    Ha, yea --I understand why you said what you said. My initial response was not to question your word usage, but to imply that I would rather "die in a fire" than take two science classes in the same semester!

    Good luck next semester!
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    Hahaha Halcyonn!

    I soo soo appreciate everyone input. I think A&P II and Intro to Biochem seem, both from you guys and after talking to the head of the sci. dept. today, to be the best choice as far as coupling them together. Now, let's all kick these pre-reqs butts so we can be nurses already!
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    I would take BioChem, since Chem meshes with me better than Micro or dying in a fire. I've taken my fair share of Chem and Bio courses.
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    I did AP2, micro and Chem 100 all in same semester and it was rough. I HAD to have an A in AP but only a C in Micro and Chem, and I did it. Chem was my hardest class because of the math and lack of enthusiasm for the subject.
    You can do it, but it wont be a piece of cake....
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    I pick the death option. Because if I had to take one of those combos of classes it WOULD be the death of me
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