Western University MSN-E 2018

  1. I haven't seen any forums about the upcoming application for next year's MSN-E program so I thought I'd start! I have a degree from University of Oregon in Human Physiology with experience as a Medical Scribe and in a variety of PT and Chiropractic settings! (Switched from PT/Kinesiology to Nursing!) I'm interested in the FNP track and am really excited about Western. Feel free to post any questions/stats/etc and join me in freaking out over apps! Are any of you attending any of the upcoming information sessions as well?
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  3. by   itzlykewow
    I will join you in freaking out over apps! I missed the information session, did you go? How was it?
  4. by   erimar
    I did! It was really nice and informative and everyone seems very supportive! Also did anyone else see that they extended the deadline to November and then changed it back? What??
  5. by   itzlykewow
    I only see that it's due November 1. It hasn't changed back yet. Where do you see that it says a different date than November 1?
  6. by   LAbear7
    Hi guys! I'm also applying and my goal is to become an FNP. Do you know if we can choose any one of the three "tracks" (Health Systems Leadership-Administrative Nurse Leader, Health Systems Leadership-Clinical Nurse Leader, or Ambulatory Care) and still pursue FNP? I don't really see why not, but I thought that a clinical nurse leader's role, goals and work environment differ from FNP.
  7. by   bay_np
    Hi Everyone! I'm applying as well. Good luck to you all! I still see that the deadline is November 1st.
  8. by   HMorenoT
    Hi everyone! I applied for the MSN-E program at the end of August, and recently received an email from WesternU saying that my application has been forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review and that I will be contacted if I receive an interview. Exciting! I believe that during the MSN portion of the program, we choose a specialty (Health Systems Leadership-Administrative Nurse Leader, Health Systems Leadership-Clinical Nurse Leader, or Ambulatory Care). Once we graduate from the MSN portion, we can consider applying and entering the FNP post-masters program. They are two separate programs, as far as I understand. Best of luck to everyone!
  9. by   _futurenursebee
    Hi everyone! It appears they extended the deadline another month. Based on what I've seen from previous cohort threads, this is a common occurrence. I'm interested in pursuing the CNL track then doing the post-master's FNP. Good luck everyone!