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I am a nervous wreck waiting on whether or not I am accepted to my school's nursing program for this fall 2013, and thought that starting this thread may be able to keep myself and others company......:nailbiting:....Please feel... Read More

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    I got into a BSN program in Baltimore. I am so happy!!
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    Got innnnn for bscn Ottawa u fall 2013
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    I am in Western Montana, I applied to many programs in the state, and June feels so far away!
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    Just got my letter today...YAY!!!! I'm thrilled beyond belief
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    I won't find out if I got into my program until September! I am just going to finish my classes and wait patiently.
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    I applied to several programs in the state of Texas and Oklahoma. I received two rejections from the BSN programs I was really hoping to get into BUT I was accepted into my 1st choice for ADN!
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    Im an alternate for Weatherford College in Texas.... excited and nervous
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    I received only one acceptance letter of the five schools I applied to and have to wait until June to get the results for my 1st choice school. I am a nervous wreck and I keep doubting myself. Don't know what to do and can't do anything but live life and wait. This process seems so cruel, having to wait sooooo long. Hopefully I will get good news in June from my top pick
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    I shoild be hearing something soon but i am a boarderline stalker right now. I check the mail, and registation to see if anyone registered yet nut I have no more nails to bite so I just have to wait and wait and wait. Ughhhhhjjjh
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    The wait is terrible! I need to focus on finishing my classes, but I could hear back as soon as Friday and am just SO excited to know whether I got in or not.

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