Wait till after A&P 2 to take HESI entrance exam, or take it after A&P 1?

  1. I know that you can only take the HESI twice in your life and I have taken the TEAS once (which I was told counts as one, so I can only take the HESI once) and I recevied a 73%. I took it before A&P 1, I plan on taking the HESI in December right after I have finished A&P 1 so that I can apply for Charity School of Nursing for Fall 2012. I'm curious to anyone who has taken the HESI, should I wait until I finish A&P 2 in the spring and postpone my application? I don't wan't to take it and not do well and then be stuck with that grade. Can I get a good grade (85% or above) before taking A&P 2? Would love to hear anyone's thoughts!
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  3. by   calistudent818
    You're talking about the HESI entrance exam right? Important: You need to find out what version of the HESI they are giving you, that's an important factor that will help you figure out what to study. The HESI I took was just math, reading comprehension, vocabulary & grammar. Did the schools you are applying to suggest a HESI study guide? This is the study guide I used http://amzn.to/q53RAJ .

    But I believe there is another version of the HESI out there the A2, which some more competitive nursing schools give and it has Anat & physiology & biology questions in addition to the above subjects that I mentioned.

    The TEAS V has the sciences, math, reading comprehension, vocab, the whole caboodle.
  4. by   KristenNola
    Sorry I didn't specify, I am refering to HESI A2.
  5. by   ScrappytheCoco
    I took it one week into APII, got an 85% in Anatomy, 90.8% overall. It can be done.
  6. by   mwilliams5486
    You sound like me...lol.. i have the minimum requirements to apply for fall 2012, but im scared i wont get in because i havent taken a& p two yet. I just hate to wait until spring to apply if there is a chance i can get in no. Im scheduling to take the hesi in the beginning of november.my gpa is good, im just banking on the hesi to give me a good score. Someone on here told me the a& p questions were pretty basic but the study guide book didnt cover all of it. They said to buy anatomy for dummies!have u started studing the hesi guide yet?
  7. by   KristenNola
    I haven't even started studying for it yet because I have been studying day and night to get through A&P 1. I have figured if I take the Hesi mid November, I have not tests for about a month during that time, that I can give myself 2-3 weeks to study for it. I just feel like I might be pushing it. Just waiting one more year seems like a drag to me. Kinda puts a kabosh to my whole plan.
  8. by   mwilliams5486
    I know the feeling. I have a&p lab right now. I have been studying the guide in between math and a&p. Im taking it the beginning of november it seems pretty basic though. I think u should go for it!! .i spoke to the nursing advisor yesterday and she told me " yes,apply now! I have the minimum of classes to apply.and a 3.3 gpa with As and Bs in my current classes. Apply now girl. Study that study guide and go for it. Im sure it will be basic A&P on the Hesi and the rest is basic math. I have been doing the study guide until i get every practice test down with none missed. I also dropped a&p lab in spring so i will lose 5 points but the advisor said i still have a good chance at getting in as long as i get a good score on the hesi
  9. by   MarieYee
    Take it after and be sure to study the guide.
  10. by   B_rac777
    Depends on how your school has A/P divided up. The school I went to had heart/circulatory and Endocrine in the A/P 2 class. I just took the test and these 2 sections were a big part of the test. So either self study Endocrine and the heart or wait til you get them under your belt from A/P 2.