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Top 10 Reasons To Go To Nursing School

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    10. I love 7AM clinicals...really, I do.

    9. It costs as much as med school, but I get a real education.

    8. Two Words: All nighters (spent studying)

    7. Mountain Dew and a bag of M&Ms constitutes a well-balanced breakfast.

    6. I enjoy ruining "ER" for my family and friends by pointing out the errors.

    5. I get to pay $200 for a 10 pound book from which I will receive a full cardio and weight lifting workout every day as well as an education.

    4. I get to explore my creative side with care plans and nursing diagnoses.

    3. Understanding doctors' handwriting has always been a dream of mine.

    2. People think I'm smart when I use dirty words disguised as medical words in public.

    NUMBER ONE REASON............................................ ........

    1. If I can survive nursing school, then I can definately survive being a nurse!

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    That's cute!
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    Yes I liked it too - lol.
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    Let me add one please...You get to start training your bladder to hold urine for 8 hours at a stretch (you'll never have to run for a bathroom break when you are out and about running errands on your day off-if you can get out of bed,that is)
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    I really like it!!! Very funny and true:spin:
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    NICE,thanks for sharing!!