Time served on a waitlist

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    This article is about the time I spent on a waitlist for a nursing program. It was a life changing event for me. It introduced me to this site and I have since then learned a lot from all the wonderful nurses and nurses to be here. I have found that it is even more interesting spending time on here than watching tv and I have definitely learned a lot

    Time served on a waitlist

    I had been thinking about it for a very long time now. I needed to apply to a nursing school and get on with my career. I had been postponing this for years and promising myself I'd do it next year, and then next and then next. Now was the perfect time because I had made up my mind. I wanted it NOW! Now was my chance. No more time to waste. Oh hurry! Hurry! I was getting old.

    Then I set myself to it, doing all the homework. Researching various schools and trying to decide where to go. What was I looking for in a school? Oh I could answer that question even without having to think. I wanted a good school. Then came the harder question - what to me was a good school? After a lot of pondering and searching I decided that a good school should be one which was affordable and still had good NCLEX pass rates. Do not blame me - that was all I could come up with at the time. I had found the answers so why was I not getting ahead with my search for a 'good school?'. Wait... one more thing should I go for an ADN or an ABSN program? Ok, it was definitely going to be an ABSN program so I could put my first bachelor degree to good use. I knew it would be a lot of stress, but what good thing isn't? So it was settled, I was going to send in an application.

    I sent in my application packet to one school. Yes, only one. I had never realized how difficult it was to get into nursing school. I had always nursed the mistaken idea that I would just be admitted once I decided to make the first move and apply. How nave!

    Now that I look back, I cannot help but chuckle at such a mistaken assumption. Imagine taking for granted the fact that they would let just let anybody into nursing school because of the so called shortage of nurses. Anyway, I dropped my application to my chosen school - my first and only choice- and did not give much thought to it, probably because I was busy finishing up with my prerequisite courses (or busy being too confident).

    Then came the end of March. I was not even waiting for it, but the decision letter was here. I searched in vain and found no "congratulations, you have been admitted to our ABSN program". Instead it was more of a "you have been placed in the eligibility pool". So I called the school and had them explain to me what that meant. I was told it is a wait list and I was told what number I was on that list. What would you guess I did next? Well, I went straight to my computer and searched the phrase "What are my chances of getting into an ABSN program from a waitlist?" I would never have guessed when I made this search, that I was about to enter into a whole new universe of real nurses and nursing students. Never had I thought that I would be exposed to a world of people who were already living my dream - my dream to be a nurse! As a result of that search, I stumbled upon an 'allnurses' forum. Boy! Was that a turning point in my life? Yes it was and it changed everything for me. It made easier the time I served on the waitlist.

    At first I would stalk different threads, and read everything the site had on waitlists. I would read about students in schools far away, waiting to be accepted. I would see my feelings mirrored through other students both past and present. I came to realize that other students wanted this dream as much as I did, and for the first time I regretted my arrogance in assuming that an opportunity for a nursing education would just be handed to me. I read threads on this forum every minute of my spare time, on the bus, after my night time prayer and especially when I needed comfort in my wait. I made friends with people who did not even know I existed. I got comfort from people who did not even know what their words meant to me, an insignificant and nameless soul that stalked their forums by day and by night. I learned the power of networking. I reaped the fruits of the internet. I even ended up congratulating myself for even getting on the wait list.

    Then I got that call! The one that said "congratulations". I know I got that call because of the tips I got from 'my friends who did not know I existed' I got that call because I learned my lesson in humility, and I know I will make a better nurse for it. However, I miss the time I spent on the wait list. I miss the time I spent following the different threads. Yes being admitted is a blessing. Being admitted is a chance to finally live my dream of being a nurse. But oh, nothing can compare to the time I served on the waitlist. When I could wallow in my misery and read about people just like me. Yes, that time held its own magic, and I will never forget the time I served on the waitlist.
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  3. by   besaangel
  4. by   lolu
    Congrats,am happy for you
  5. by   clg2
  6. by   908margarita
    You are very lucky! I was in a waiting list for two years, then I decided to apply to another school and got accepted right away. Sadly I fail my fundamentals class. I reapply again and I just have received the congratulation letter again. Well congratulations to you and good luck!
  7. by   dotoriffic
    Congratulations and good luck with school!!
  8. by   Mully
    You must be a romantic...
  9. by   CaraJ
    Oh wow! This sounds JUST LIKE ME...lol
    I totally know all about stalking other people's stories on the internet. I am currently on the alternate list at my school. I am supposed to be hearing something tomorrow or the next day (some time this week). I have completed my packet (and spent a lot of $$$...CPR, background check, drug screen, immunizations, chest x-ray, ect.) and the deadline was today (July 1st). So, they will be notifying me very soon. The "waiting" has consumed me. I really hope I get those sweet words, "Congratulations, you are in the program!"
    I am so happy for you. I enjoyed reading your post. I wish you the very best and may all your dreams come true
  10. by   servewithlove
    Oh thank you all so much. I pray I realize my dream. I am humbled by your kind words and I cannot help but think of you all as my friends. You all rock!!!
    I hope everyone hears the good news soon. The time on the waitlist, in my opinion, is definitely worth it.
  11. by   VickyRN
    Congratulations! May you live out your dream to the fullest
  12. by   IdcFinch
    When I could wallow in my misery and read about people just like me. Yes, that time held its own magic, and I will never forget the time I served on the waitlist.
    Now you can wallow in a new kind of misery with others just like you! :P Congrats.
  13. by   strawberryluv
    Congratulations on getting yourself off the waitlist. Wallowing in that pool of waitlist recipients turned out
    to be somewhat of a beast but you're going to confront an even larger beast- nursing school!

    Stay positive like you are now because you're in for a wild journey! :]
  14. by   bethm214
    Congrats. And take to heart what others are saying.....be prepared for the ride of your life. Get a study buddy or a study group and meet on a routine basis. Best of luck to you!