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I was just wondering if all this talk about a nursing shortage is true, because I've also been reading on here how difficult the job market is. Does it depend on the area perhaps? I live in Oklahoma so if anyone from OK would... Read More

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    Quote from zoe92
    ...., so I guess there is a shortage of experienced BSN nurses.
    I agree!It's tough for new grads to enter the workforce, but there is a real shortage is with experienced nurses!

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    There was a supposed nursing shortage quite a few years ago, and states all jacked up their nursing programs at that time to compensate for the supposed shortage. Then the economy tanked. Now there is a glut of new grads on the market, many of whom are having significant difficulty finding a nursing job at all, and even experienced RNs are having a lot of trouble in some places. I think it will be quite a while before there is another true "shortage."
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    The outlook for nurses, even new grad nurses is definitely better than for teachers or social workers. There is less and less money being spent on education, where I live in upstate New York, you can't even find substitute positions!
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    Good day:

    Nursing Shortage a "Myth", New Survey Suggests just came out yesterday.

    I've read similar articles for the past few weeks.

    Personally, I'm not letting such news discourage me (I recently applied to nursing school for their RN program) as this can change over time; and as I'm sure will vary from region of the country to region of the country.

    Thank you.
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    There is absolutely no nursing shortage in California. In fact, upon reading this board we may be one of the most impacted by this, as we also seem to be the first choice of foreign-trained nurses. There's a long "support for unemployed new grads in California" thread here.

    I was going to link to the survey pmabraham did (thanks!)

    Recently, allnurses teamed with CNN and money reporter Annalyn Kurtz, which is very well done. It's always best to do lots of research into this with as many sources as you can, as statements and predictions in nursing these days are all over the map.

    CNN article on nurses and job growth
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    Been talking to a bunch of old time/long time nurses I know...they see it like this...all things move in cycles...some years its up some years its down...And they have been seeing the same thing for 40 years!Its what you make of it. There will always be nay sayers. People are essentially scared/superstitious/misinformed- what have you... and the media does not stay true to your path and you will find your niche.
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    Quote from soxgirl2008
    I think it does depend on the area. I know people who couldn't find a job in large metro areas but had no problem landing a job at more rural hospitals.
    This has been my personal experience and that of several people that I know.
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    Quote from Topher53
    I heard the shortage is mainly on the west coast.
    I couldn't speak for our neighbors to the North but there is NO SHORTAGE at all in California. I think it's mostly due to (1) generally excellent compensation, (2) fabulous weather, and (3) legally mandated RATIOS.
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    Sure there is...if by "nursing shortage", you mean that the hospitals are requiring nurses to take on more and more patients and increase work loads without staffing much needed additional help. It's not because there aren't enough nurses to fill the positions, it's because hiring more nurses affects the bottom line. The nursing shortage exists in hospitals looking to save money. Hospitals are consistently short staffed, which has translated to the media that more nurses are needed. While this is true in some areas, it is self-imposed by many hospitals who are not willing to hire additional staff.
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    Wow thanks so much for all this great info! It really give me a much better perspective!

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