The work and school balance

  1. I'm currently taking 15 credits and working 17 hours/week. I'm taking Lifespan Psychology, Medical Terminology, Statistics, and Modern Dance.

    I'm wondering how many other pre-nursing students are working while attending school full time? How many hours do you work and how many credits/classes are you taking? Do you have any other commitments/extra curriculars?

    Besides work and school, I volunteer once a week at an elementary school for 45 minutes. I also partake in my school's modern dance club, which tacks on around 1-2 hours of rehearsal per week. I have 2 dogs, so that adds in time commitments for walks, feeding, taking out to potty, ect. Along with the above commitments, I'm currently administering my father's estate, which takes up time when I can fit it into my schedule.

    I'd love to hear coping techniques for feeling overwhelmed, because that's definitely something I struggle with.
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  3. by   Sparrow91
    When I was working on my pre reqs. I worked part time as a CNA. I took A&P1, Psycology, English 101, and Algebra my first semester, and then I took A&P2, Dev. Psy., communications, and a 200 level Sociology.
    Some of the best ways to cope with the stress is to have a good school planner and keep everything organized. It is also helpful to try and keep one fun thing in your life that you enjoy and then try to eliminate what you can. Once nursing school begins you are going to have to give up a lot! Good luck to you!
  4. by   zoe92
    I worked 24 hours/week & go to school full time. My strategy is a master to do list, with a daily to do list as well. Some days I only have 45 minutes to work on school related things & so I try to be as proficient as possible in those 45 minutes. Throughout the week if I get free time I try to get ahead in reading, note taking, studying, homework, etc.
  5. by   NurseRose84
    I'm currently finishing up my pre-reqs (A&P II, developmental psych, anthropology, and interpersonal communications) and I work full time as a nursing care tech (12 hour shift 3 nights a week).
    I just started this job in February after having been laid off in September. My course load is a little harder than last fall, but its not too bad. I'm also married with a stepson that needs quite a bit of help on his math homework almost every evening, and I have a dog that needs to be walked daily. Now that in back to work I find my personal commitments are the most time consuming.
  6. by   Nursing2102
    I work as a nurses aide at a hospital 2 days a week (16 hours/week). I go to school two days a week and I am taking two classes right now, Microbiology and Nursing139 which is basically human development.

    Over the summer I will be taking my first clinical class, along with pathophysiology and pharmacology I. These classes in addition to work will really test my limits on what I can handle, and although I am pretty worried about whether or not I can take on this load I am just going to have to make the best out of it since I already registered and paid for the classes!
  7. by   lalacb123
    I currently work 40 hours a week and always have during my pre-reqs, as I do not have to option to not work. I am finishing up my last two course and I graduate in May. In turn, my GPA suffered a bit (3.50) but it is definitely doable. I'm curious to see what it's going to be like when nursing school starts.
  8. by   hopefulRN'17
    I also work 40 hrs/week. Hope to finish with pre and co reqs in December. Seems like the best thing to do
  9. by   Mandy0728
    I currently work 16 hours a week, am taking 18 credits and have a family. I'm thankful my job works around my schooling but It's been working out so far...we have 4 weeks left and I have all As...I'm taking lifespan psych, math, nutrition, biology and micro
  10. by   madelynsmom
    So glad I am reading this. I am going from full-time to part time work and starting my pre-reqs. I am also a mom to an 8 month old baby girl so I am curious how I will be able to handle full time school, part time (20 hours) of work, being a mom and wife, and also fitting in the homework as well.

    Glad to know most of you are pretty successful in being able to wear multiple hats.