The wait is killing me!

  1. I took the TEAS on Saturday and am now anxiously awaiting my results. The proctor said results would post to the site today, at some point. Ugh! I hate waiting! Anyone else in the same boat?
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  3. by   Idiosyncratic
    I'm not yet with you, but good luck!!! I hope you get in! How did you do on your TEAS?
  4. by   meeep
    I am in the same boat. I also took mine on Saturday, and I was not mentally prepared for having to wait! We were told it could be as long as Wednesday for the results to post. The waiting is killing me! I totally thought most places gave the computerized exam! I have a Micro test on Weds so I am hoping that keeps my mind somewhat occupied during the wait!
  5. by   CDEWannaBe
    Not waiting for TEAS, but waiting to hear if I'm accepted into accelerated program that begins in June.
  6. by   meeep
    I checked for my results throughout the day, and no such luck! Did yours post?
  7. by   queserasera
    Did you guys take them at a PSI location? Mine took a full 48 hours to post. Hope you did well!!
  8. by   meeep
    I took mine at one of the schools I am applying to. It was the paper version though, so I had to wait. Mine posted this afternoon and I am kinda bummed to be honest. I got an 82 AIS, and am debating retaking it.

    I don't know if I got too tired or hungry or what towards the end, but I blew it on the English section. It's frustrating because I scored decent in practice tests on that section - in the high 80s and 90s even in the notorious online practice exams. I ended up with a 77 on the real thing for English, bringing my overall down. I did get 100% in human body science though. To me that matters more.
  9. by   aeris99
    I got mine back 48 hours after I tookk the test. They posted around 1 in the afternoon. I did really well! So appy I nailed it on my first try!