Taking 2 science courses (bsc2086 and MCB) in the same semester!?

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    Hello! I am currently completing the pre-reqs for MDC medical campus. I am enrolled to complete my last two sciences BSC 2086 and MCB 2010 in the Spring semester but I'm being advised to just take one (1) science (HUman Anat 2) on its own as it is a tough class. Anyone else here taken 2 sciences in the same semester? (I'm currently taking BSC 2085 and lab and CHM 1033 and lab; its tough but I'm managing!) HELP!

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    I haven't actually done it, but I am signed up to take almost the same courses together (A+P 1 and Micro) this Spring. Like I said, I haven't actually done it, but I think if you can manage A+P 1 and Chem, it wouldn't be that much more of a struggle to complete A+P 2 and Micro together. At least, that's what I'm hoping for! Good luck
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    I may being taking A&P 1 and micro too. I have seen lots of people do that on these boards. I think it depends on how much time you have too. I work 35 hrs/week nights so I think I could do it. What is your situation?
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    I took Anatomy and Micro the same semester. It was hard, but I did it. Good luck!
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    Well I currently work PT about 16 hours week nights but I have a 2 year old son! He's a load to handle and I'm single (his father can't watch him often due to a physical disability). I've done this semester AP1 and CHM along with the microcomputers course online. I think if I didnt have to focus so much on that online course, I wouldve been ok! Also im hoping to complete 100 hours of community service from now to April 2011 for the white house letter or reccommendation. =)
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    Where did you take your courses?
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    I'm taking A/P 2, chem and micro in the spring. I HOPE it's doable!
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    Quote from SuperMommy013
    Where did you take your courses?
    I'm in CA and took them at Yuba. I had a notoriously hard teacher for Micro. lol (Even though he is hard, he is a fantastic teacher - one of my favorites. I worked my butt off for that A!)
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    I'm taking intro to BIO and Intro to Chem in the spring......nervous!
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    I took Chem and Anatomy one semester. And, Micro and Physio the next. Long hours of study, but I got an A in all four classes.

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