Take Microbiology Online this summer at OCC !!!

  1. take microbiology totally online at ocean county college this summer and get it out of the way. it transfers everywhere because it has the lab.you need to have completed a&p ii to get into the course. they have 10 seats left in the summer second five week june 24 – july 28, 2009 semester. the summer first five week already closed. so don’t wait too long.

    i am just finishing the online microbiology course and i really love the course and the instructor is the best online instructor. he really takes the time to help you through it.

    the labs are taught totally online with a labpaq and a microscope that arrives at your front door. it’s a few extra bucks but with what you save in gas and time you can’t beat it.

    here is the website for the biol 232 microbiology dl course:

    you can contact the registration and records office at 732.255.0304. you need to make sure that you tell them you are from out of state.

    you will not be sorry!

    jersey nursing girl
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  3. by   soul2quz
    I was actually hoping to take microbiology this summer, but I don't have A&P II just A&P I so far. But my college only require taking the first to take, but unfortunately all the classes are full, and most of the teachers I heard are really bad. Is there any way I could get it waived to take the class online?
  4. by   Jersey Nursing Girl

    i would suggest calling or e-mailing the professor who teaches the course and ask about the waiver. you may get lucky.

    ocean county college just added a second section of their microbiology online course in the summer first five week may 18, 2009 - june 23, 2009. it already it has 10 students and should fill quickly. the summer second five week, june 24, 2009 - july 28, 2009 has 5 seats left. here is the website for the biol 232 microbiology dl course:

    it doesn't hurt to try.

    jersey nursing girl
  5. by   Sand_Dollar
    soul2quz - you should also look into ccconline (colorado comm colleges online). I am going to be taking micro this summer for the 10 week session, I don't think there is a class limit size and registration doesn't start until the 20th.
  6. by   soul2quz
    thanks, do you happen to know who the professor is?
  7. by   Jersey Nursing Girl

    here is the link to ocean county college's microbiology online course which lists the professor's name, phone number and e-mail address.

    i am taking the class right now and it is the best one i have ever had. i agree with sand dollar that colorado community college consortium is a good bunch also. both occ and ccconline use the same labpaq from hands-on science so that should be the same price and is a dynamite way to take a lab online. my kids love helping me “play scientist.”

    the contact information is as follows listed on the website:

    ocean county college is on spring break this week but they are pretty good about getting back to you. if you can catch their summer first five week semester you can begin the course in may and be done by the end of june and enjoy your summer. this is why i love online courses. i will have my summer off with the kids! i hope to drop down to part-time at work and enjoy life a bit before i begin occ's nursing one day per week program.

    i hope this helps.
    jersey nursing girl
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  8. by   msdeannah
    I think this would be great but am I correct that for an out of state student with the lab paq and materials the course would cost me about 1400.00. That is steep. Am I reading that correctly? Maybe I'll call in the morning..
  9. by   Jersey Nursing Girl

    I still think its a bargain!

    I think you are right about the cost for an out-of-state student. Its about $900+ for tuition and fees for a 4 credit science course and about ~ $500 for book, microscope and LabPaq. Most of the schools who offer online science courses with the lab use LabPaqs from Hands-on Labs, Inc. in Colorado. They all go for the same price.
    Thats going to run you close to $500 no matter where you go.

    I see you are from Connecticut. At one of your less expensive state universities (WCSU) INSTATE TUITION is $360.00 per credit hour plus $50.00 online fee. Thats not the out-of-state rate!!

    It costs me at least $400 in gasoline just to commute to school in a given semester. The advantage of taking the online science (Microbiology) when I want and where I want with an outstanding professor is "priceless." I have kids and work nearly full time. It is worth the extra money to me. I actually bought the digital eye piece for my microscope for $59. It made doing the labs so easy! I could snap a picture of what I was looking at and send it with the lab report.

    I am just about finished with my Microbiology online course at Ocean County College and I think I have an "A" in the bank. Time is money to me. I do not have a lot of time. So this really works for me. It is more than worth it! I still love the online microbiology course and highly recommend it! Even if you have to pay the out-of-state differential, I think it is worth it. Its the best online course I have ever taken!

    The Second Five Week has closed. You can still get into the First Five Weelk that begins May 18th.

    Still in love with it,
    Jersey Nursing Girl
  10. by   applying2nursing-de
    Hi Jersey girl,:wink2:

    I really want to take the online Microbiology course you mentioned. Can I take A and P II at the same time? These are my last 2 prereqs before starting nursing school this fall!!! WAHOO I was just taken off a wait list about a week and a half ago.

    Do I need to call the school to register? I attempted online but no luck. Just keep going back and forth all over their website and am getting frustrated. Should I just call the # you mentioned?

    Thanks for your help Im in Spain so its hard to do all of this with a super slow internet connection.

    Thanks so much!!!
  11. by   applying2nursing-de
    PS Does anyone know anything about the microbio online course at Colorado Comm Colleges online? I could have sworn they had an online microbio course mentioned on their site to start Wed the 24th. Also read this above. I applied last week, was accepted to the college, but now cannot locate the course or get ahold of anyone there. I am in Spain and am trying to register for an online mircrobio course either there, at OCC (Jersey nursing girl is super convincing to take this course-just cant sign up), or anywhere for this summer. Can anyone please help advise??? I need you desperately right now!!

    And if anyone knows anything about Uni of Phoenix online Micro, please do tell!