Summer Classes

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    Hello everyone!!! I know we're midway through this semester. You probably haven't begun to think about summer classes. I on the other hand have. I will be taking Statistics, Econ and ethics. sooooooo my summer is shot!!! What about you???
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    I'll be taking a 5 week A&P 2 course. However, keep in mind even though you have no summer there will be a good outcome for it :-) Good luck! We just have to stay determined to get pre reqs over with!
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    Right you are havehope!!
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    I'm taking Anatomy, Chemistry, and Sociology. Fun times!!
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    Pamlepper wow! You're like me do you have kids?
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    I have been trying to figure out my schedule, I need to grab my classes ASAP the day they open. I still have so many to finish before I can apply to the BSN program, it is hard to figure out which to take in the short summer term. I know one will be the required CPR class... LOL
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    I'm taking chemistry, and life span psychology. Although our summer wont be so fun we have the nursing program to look forward to. Good luck
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    Nurse2b, you are brave! You're going to have your hands full! I'm taking Stats now and I cannot wait for it to be over.

    I'm taking A&P II this summer, along with American Lit II. Not sure if I will add a third class since our summer term is only 7 weeks. I want to make sure I am able to really get the A&P down.
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    Meeep who are you taking? Are you selling yr book?
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    All I have is abnormal.psych (taking in the summer) and I am.completely done with all gen ed! Whew. Ill be glad!