Starting my journey summer 2013!

  1. After years of tossing around the idea of pursuing a nursing degree I have finally decided that I want to be a nurse 100%!

    I have just paid all of my old college debts and will enroll into A&P 1 and 2 this summer!

    I plan on ordering the book asap and also some more studying materials and possibly a coloring book

    I am so excited!

    Hopefully I will be able to complete all of my pre-reqs and apply for the Fall 2014 nursing program by Feb 1st!

    Good luck everyone!!
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  3. by   toya932
    Good luck! You will do great, just make sure that you are serious about studying and never let yourself slack! I took AP 1&2 last year. It wasn't so bad actually, I actually prefer that than what im taking now ( Organic Chem). Hope you do great and get into your program!
  4. by   Momofzra
    Congratulations on your decision! You won't regret it. I loved A&P and had a fantastic professor. I hope your experiance is equally as good. I am in my first semester of the program and have used had to look back at my A&P notes to refresh my memory on things. Take good notes and really try to cement what you are learning into your brain, you will use it again.

    Best of luck to you!!
  5. by   Jcgirl
    Good luck!
  6. by   chinessd
    Good luck to you; I have my first degree in Psychology but not doing anything really with it so just got admitted to the accelerated program of 12 months to start winter 2014. You can do it !!!!
  7. by   AccelCNL
    Good luck!
  8. by   iPink
    Congrats! I was in your shoes not too long ago. I joined a month before I decided to change my career to nursing. Now I am a nurse.

    That day will come for you too!
  9. by   MommaTy
    Good luck What worked best for me in A&P labs were taking pictures of the models, then printing out the pictures, then numbering the pictures. Then I made an answer sheet, just to check my self when I was done. Worked so good I had a 98 average in lab. As for lecture I really feel if you have a great professor they will truly help you understand it. We did many projects to help with the physiology part. I just got accepted into the fall 2013 nursing program.
  10. by   kathynurse46
    good luck im starting lpn in may 2013 already cna looking forward to becoming a good nurse!
  11. by   16mm
    Thanks everyone! I started another thread, but maybe I should have just posted it here? My schools site won't let me add my second A&P class for the second half of summer. Will an adviser be able to add it for me? It's filling up fast and I need to get in!!
  12. by   MommaTy
    Go see your advisor ASAP. They don't have priority registration in your school? Your advisor can add you, our school wont do it over the phone. You have to be there. Usually they are always there, in their office.
  13. by   16mm
    Thanks so much!!!
  14. by   16mm
    Got my Kaplan flashcards, Barrons EZ guide to Anatomy & Physiology, and Netters' Atlas today! Yay! GOing to be getting my class book in the next couple of days! I will be buried in all of these items from now until August!