SPC students applying for fall 2017?? - page 51

I know this is pretty early but i just finished my pre reqs for nursing and im on the border but I seriously CAN NOT wait to apply in march! Ill be finishing my AA if i dont get in.. so i will apply... Read More

  1. by   RickTodd11C
    No, I just have nerves of steel, an over-inflated ego, and enough confidence to suffocate someone.

    But, I truly am a sweetheart.
  2. by   Soon2b1Nurse
    That question was for ddeburger because he makes it sound like he has taken this route previously. But good to know lol
  3. by   Peachez1
    I heard somewhere (can't remember where) that there are also additional requirements (outside of CastleBranch) for each placement that has to be done prior to going into the remote clinical.
    Has anyone heard of this or know what the requirements are?
  4. by   Soon2b1Nurse
    I was thinking about that.. maybe it is something further into the program..
  5. by   ashley0804
    I am sure if there are more requirements we will find out the first day of class.