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    I'm new here so i'm sorry if this was asked before. I'm interested in pursing a BSN degree but don't know where to start. A little about my background: In 2010 I was attending a Cuny, taking courses in liberal arts. Well math isn't my strong point, so when I took the placement exam I failed the math portion and had to take remedial math. I passed the 1st semester, but in the 2nd semester I failed math 010 and other courses (I missed A LOT of classes due to morning sickness). I only completed that one year of college. My question is...whats next? I'm reading about pre-reqs and a whole lot of other things that I have to do before I apply. As u guys already know I can't take science courses unless i'm up to date in math. So would I have to go back to my school and at least get the basics out of the way, then transfer into a nursing program? Or can I apply as if Im a freshman again? lol

    Thanks In advance!
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    I can only speak for university in the south, however, I'm sure they are all relatively similar. If you have less than 24 credit hours you can be accepted as an incoming freshmen and a candidate for progression into a nursing program. You'll of course have to take the required pre reqs like math, English chem AP 1 AP 2 etc. and then you'll have to apply to the actual nursing program. Jut taking pre reqs or being accepted into the university does not mean you re in "nursing school" (just clarifying)
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    It usually depends on how many units you previously completed. For public universities here in CA those with completed college credits are considered transfer students. Since very few public schools admit lower-division transfers there's a good chance you'll have to complete all of the lower-division general ed and nursing prerequisites at a community college before being admitted to a BSN program as a junior-level transfer. But again, this is all based on my experiences here in CA so I'd check with your school to find out exactly what their policies are.
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    My school admits you as "NURSING- NON DESIGNATED". Once you have completed all the general education credits and the nursing pre-reqs (A&P 1 and 2, Micro, Chem, Gen. Psych., Developmental Psych.) then you apply to the nursing program and they change you to

    Nursing school requires a very good grasp of math. Each of my classes has a dosage calculation test that requires a 95% passing rate. Many hospitals require a math test for new nurses.
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    Pick a program. Complete the prerequisites. Apply to the program.
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    If you are going straight for the BSN, then (from florida) you will have to complete all of the prerequisites. Once those are completed then you can apply to the nursing program.

    You may want to speak with a nursing advisor about the requirements to get into a BSN program given the classes you have taken.

    In the school I went to, they had this thing called the forgiveness program. If you messed up on a class, they would not transfer the grade in so it would not mess up your GPA. Not sure if every school has this, but it's great to know about.

    Also, look into the retake policy in your school. And what happens to your GPA if you take a higher level math class and do well. Would that grade be the one that get's transferred or would all grades be transferred in not matter what.

    You need to keep the GPA as high as possible.
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    Thanks so much you guys for taking the time out to help a lost soul. I will definitely go back and speak to someone at my old school to see what steps I can take from there. Hopefully by Jan I can start taking general ed courses and get this ball rolling.

    Quote from Don1984

    Nursing school requires a very good grasp of math. Each of my classes has a dosage calculation test that requires a 95% passing rate. Many hospitals require a math test for new nurses.
    It's not so much that I don't have a good grasp of math, it's just not something I can do effortlessly like others. English and writing has always been my strongest subjects. But I honestly blame my struggles in math on my sheer laziness during my time in school. when I actually gave a damn and paid attention, I would get 80's and above. While the other times I was being a goof ball and getting kicked out of (mainly math) class.

    BTW are there any math books or anything that I should start reading that'll help sharpen this rusty brain while I have this time off??
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    Do you attend queensborough community college?
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    Quote from Sergie
    Do you attend queensborough community college?
    No I don't. Is it a good school?
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    Nursing schools can have different admissions and prerequisite requirements. The math you need is really not full college algebra, but the college or university might require college algebra. Some have a special nursing math class and that makes more sense to me because you really only use select parts of algebra and also use "dimensional analysis", also known as "factor label method" to do drug calcs. Google factor label method. The math is really all covered by a GED math review book. I'd look into getting one of those. That's what I used because I took algebra in high school and calculus in college and hadn't done pencil and paper math since the 1980s, lol.