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Hi, I'm new here so i'm sorry if this was asked before. I'm interested in pursing a BSN degree but don't know where to start. A little about my background: In 2010 I was attending a Cuny, taking courses in liberal arts. Well... Read More

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    Nursing schools can have different admissions and prerequisite requirements. The math you need is really not full college algebra, but the college or university might require college algebra. Some have a special nursing math class and that makes more sense to me because you really only use select parts of algebra and also use "dimensional analysis", also known as "factor label method" to do drug calcs. Google factor label method. The math is really all covered by a GED math review book. I'd look into getting one of those. That's what I used because I took algebra in high school and calculus in college and hadn't done pencil and paper math since the 1980s, lol.

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