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I am am just so curious about the nursing field,I have always wanted to become a nurse since highschool. I have looked into it alot but this summer a local college is offering a CNA program and I am so confused should I take this... Read More

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    CONTACT YOUR SCHOOL ABOUT THE RN PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. Every college in my area has different requirements. This particular community college that I am interested in applying to, requires that I have a CNA I and/or a LPN. If I wanted to be in advanced placement for the RN program, I would have to be an LPN with 3600 hours work experience within the past 4 years.

    Because I need to possess either a CNA I or LPN, I registered into the CNA I course (just waiting to be accepted). But my question now is, should I continue on with the CNA course to get a CNA II? Or should I just keep the CNA I and continue with completing the prerequisites needed to apply into the RN program.

    Any honest advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

    Dcko =)

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