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So my parents and I have been having some heated arguments over this. I live 45 minutes away from the nursing school. They do not want me to move out (it would be too long and too tedious to explain) but I'm arguing that I need... Read More

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    I think the driving at night and/or when tired is a valid concern. However, an apartment is not the only solution especially when you don't yet know how often that happen.

    I've made many hour long trips to pick up my kids when they were tired or their car was having problems or their car pool fell through or the weather was bad. I expect your parents would be willing to also, especially as they want you to commute.

    If it happens a lot then y'all might reconsider but if I were you I'd try the communte even if it means a year of it.

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    You know you're totally right..I think I might try to do a year and just ask my parents to help me out, which I know they'll do. If anything they'll just let me get an apartment the second year cause they'll be so sick of me! Thanks, I honestly hadn't considered that! I have a lot to take into consideration though.. I might try to ask some people that are in the program at that school and see how they're fairing!
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    I would say to try to commute from home. If you do have good friends, your parents know them, and trust them then maybe if there are times that you are still on campus in the evening time and don't want to drive home, you could stay at their apartment for the night.
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    I say stay at home and commute. I have about the same length of drive to school, and I've been living with my parents through nearly two years of prereqs so far. When I first started college I thought about moving closer to school at the start of nursing school, but now I've decided not to. Number one, the money. I'm not expecting my parents to pay for me to live 45 minutes from them, and I have very little savings that I don't want to "waste" on the venture. Number two, no matter your relationship with your parents, you will come to rely on their support. At some point your peers will be just as depressed about school, studying, and life; you need someone on the "outside" to talk to. As far as driving goes, it really isn't that big of a deal. You do what you have to do, and you turn the radio up really loud.

    I get the whole religion and culture thing, but I think you should try looking at it from your parents' perspectives. Most likely it is not that they don't trust you, but that they don't trust people who could be around you. And don't waste this opportunity, because I know many people struggling to support themselves and pay for college on their own. I am very blessed in that respect!
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    Thanks, this really helped put things in perspective. I suppose I should save the money I've earned and try commuting. The only reason I'm concerned about the driving is that I've fallen asleep at the wheel before and it was terrifying. I'm anemic and I'm taking iron pills for it but even so it's very difficult for me to stay awake sometimes. Driving is actually my biggest concern because of what happened; it was a huge wake up call for me because I almost ran into someone. The worst part is that I'm still not sure if I fell asleep or just passed out.

    You're right though, that's my parent's biggest fear. Not me, just the people around me. But I know that they'll support me in every way they can, so I'm seriously considering just staying home now.
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    Wow that never occurred to me! Thanks! I know a friend who I'm sure wouldn't mind if I crashed on their couch if I really needed to, but it hadn't crossed my mind that I could just do that if it gets too bad. I'm really glad I found this website, it's a good way to gain perspective and ideas.
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    Totally get the commute issue but now that you're still young and can stay with your parents, do it. A lot of students can't wait to get out of the house too early and then find out that it is very hard being on their own. Even if you have help (financially speaking) let's be realistic, $1000 every semester won't be enough when it comes to pay for groceries, utilities, books, clothes, rent and other. Then you might have to get a job and eventually dropping out or not doing your best because you'll be really exhausted. I personally commute to school 1.5 hours each way 3 nights a week (6-10) and sometimes have to drive straight to work until 7am. It is a killer but I am doing it for me and my kids. And I haven't even started the program yet, I will I August so this I'm doing now is a taste of what's to come. Be smart, stay at home, get to know what you're capable of and then decide! Good luck!
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    Yeah, we're struggling financially recently as well.. So even with my scholarships I don't think I would be able to handle it.. But wow! 45 minutes seems like nothing now haha It may be hard but I think I'll try my best to commute so I can save my money for important things. Thanks so much! Good luck to you too, I'm sure you'll do amazing
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    Thanks Seeetie!
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    Hi. I am currently a junior in nursing school and I live on campus and let me tell you nursing school is incredibly hard and my rent is incredibly expensive. I was even considering moving home for my senior year because of it, but I live over an hour away from school. Being on campus is nice because you get to experience that "campus living" but after awhile it gets old. At least for me it did especially because at least I have to study all the time and trust me unless you have all nursing student roommates they will not have the same course load as you. I would definitely commute the first year and if you absolutely hate it then try to talk to your parents. Unless you love to party and drink you really don't miss out on too much and you can always stay with friends once in awhile.
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