Should I attend a non-accredited school?

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    I am applying to nursing schools and ultimately would like to attend an advanced certification program. Is it true that I would be ineligible to do this if I attend a non-accredited school?

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    I would be very leary of attending a non accredited school. My only requirement when looking at NS schools was that they were an accredited program. Why box yourself in, in ANY way after going through such a hard and difficult process? JMHO. Someone more knowledgeable about getting your AC will have to answer that one, but my first thought was why limit yourself? Wishing you great success.
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    Don't do it!

    Very few colleges and advanced practice programs will accept degrees or credits from a non-accredited institution. It would be so disheartening to put in all that effort and time and then have it not be universally accepted.
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    NOOOO! One of my nursing instructors went to a non-accredited nursing school, and had the HARDEST time finding a job. Of course, she eventually did, but when she decided she wanted to go back to school to get an advanced degree it was another hassle. She literally had to beg a graduate school to let her in, and she also had to take some hours at an accredited nursing school. There are reasons why nursing schools are accredited, and part of that reason is to let potential employers (as well as the general public) know that you were educated in a safe and comprehensive way. Without going to an accredited nursing school, there is no way to know if that is the case. Please, don't risk it - there are lots of accredited schools out there.
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    Don't do it. Most employers require graduation from an accredited school of nursing. You will find yourself severly limited in opportunities.
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    Quote from Ben Franklin
    I am applying to nursing schools and ultimately would like to attend an advanced certification program. Is it true that I would be ineligible to do this if I attend a non-accredited school?
    I would never ever consider a non accredited nursing program. If it's not nationally accredited - and "NATIONALLY" being the keyword, I'm pretty sure you can't sit the NCLEX, which means you're not a nurse. Also, most or all advanced cert programs, insist on a nurse coming from an accredited program background with their license to get into the program. So, seriously think about what that would mean to you and make the right choice.
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    Actually, that information directly above is wrong. One DOES NOT have to graduate from a nationally accredited program to be eligible to take the NCLEX. Each state's board of nursing or department of health determines whether the program meets their requirements. The information you need is on this very website HERE. That being said, if you plan on furthering your education it would be wise to make plans, as non-(NATIONALLY)-accredited program credits often do not transfer out of state. Also, depending on your LOCAL job market, you may find that you are at a disadvantage, not because you are not a licensed RN, but either because you perhaps have an ADN degree or have attended a non-nationally-accredited program. E.g., in my area hospitals do not care as long as you passed the NCLEX and are licensed, and state universities will accept credits from in-state non-accredited public colleges in order to pursue a BSN. On the other hand, if I drive to a major city 2 hours away no one is likely going to hire me unless I have a BSN. Also, hypothetically having attended a non-nationally-accredited program, if I want to leave the state to further my education, it could be difficult. IMHO the key is to plan way ahead of time & thoroughly check both nursing programs and job markets. While nationally-accredited RN programs are most advantageous, not everyone has that option. For many students, state-accredited programs are a valid path to becoming a RN and furthering their education.
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    Yes!!!!!!!! entry into a non accredited school is fast, easy and usually more costly. Advancing past that will require you to retake many if not all the courses you've done, aside from nursing..... all the english A&p micro and so on. My peer is going through this to get her BSN. She regrets it thoroughly but choose the non accredited to get her RN quickly to pay the bills. Never thinking she'd want to advance. A very painful lesson.
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    Here is a good rule.

    If you have to ask whether or not you should go to a certain school . . . you shouldn't.

    The same thing holds true for asking whether or not a school is any good.

    If you have to ask if it is any good, it isn't.
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    IMO, there's no reason or justification at all to attend a non-accredited (NLNAC or CCNE) school. Not only do all (or, at least, nearly all) programs for furthering your nusing education require that you have graduated from an accredited program, but plenty of employers will only hire graduates of an accredited program -- certainly not all, not even most; but why close off any future career opportunities this early in the process?
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