Schools without waiting list for 2year RN program???

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    Okay so I live in Madison, Wisconsin and I am looking to go to school and get my Associate's in Nursing (for now then may possibly go for my Bachelor's once I've started in the field). All of the technical/community colleges in Wisconsin have long frustrating waiting lists because of not having enough my question is what are some nearby locations with schools that do not have waiting lists? I found schools in Florida that do not have waiting lists, there are a few prerequisite courses to take but nothing too complicated. So I am trying to find options somewhat closer before we decide on the big move, any info would be GREATLY appreciated!?!

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    I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. We have 1 community college with no waiting list, but you must have completed your prereqs before applying, and it takes between 3.5 and 4.0 GPA. We have other schools (e.g., St. Petersburg College) with a 2 year waiting list. The biggest problem is that the nation's nursing schools are still paying very poorly--I would take at least a $20,000 a year cut in pay to teach!
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    Yeah I know everything is tight right now in the economy. Thank you for that, Florida seems to be the only option right now but, I'm looking to see if there is anything closer to Wisconsin or not......i don't know...
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    Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke, Virginia does not have a waiting list.

    Wonderful school, I can't say enough. The Nursing Program is great Roanoke is a small city in a great location.
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    Edison college in fort myers florida.. i am almost possitive they dont have a waiting list. You have to apply each and every semester to get in.. and then if you dont get in you dont start.. and they start over again the next semester.. THey graduate 2 classes a year.. and its a great program
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    There's a proprietary trade school in Oklahoma City called ITT Technical Institute. They have just started a brand new RN associate's degree program with no prerequisites or waiting lists. They admitted their first class about 9 months ago, and it is a 2 year program.
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    I am from Minnesota and ran into the same problem as you when I decided I wanted to go to nursing school. All the schools in the Minneapolis area were very competitive to get into and had 2 year wait lists. I have family in Iowa so I looked into schools in Iowa. I ended up at Des Moines Area Community College. I applied in April and started school that fall. I had all the pre-reqs done already, obviously, so that helped, but there really wasnt a wait list...and to make it even more appealing, there is no competition! If you fulfill the pre-requisites, you're in as soon as there is a seat available. DMACC has several campuses with the nursing program, with Ankeny being the "main" campus and having the most students. I applied to a smaller branch of DMACC nursing and I think this helped get me in right away. So far school has been very tough, I'm not going to lie, but I feel like my education is really good. DMACC's NCLEX pass rate for last year is 100%. I recommend it. I'd link you the DMACC website but I don't think we're allowed to put links in posts. Good luck!
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    UALR (university of arkansas of little rock) and baptist medical center here in little rock does not have a waiting list. In fact, only thing they look at is your GPA. No interviews, essays, etc... Just have a good GPA!!!
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    Bryant and Stratton in Wauwatosa does not have a waiting list. At least there wasn't one when I started in May. I started my application process in January. There are three semesters a year, so If you started now you can probably get in for January or May of 2010. It is a two year RN program and they are now accredited NLNAC.
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    I work at platt college in Dallas. We are in the process of getting approval by the Board of Nursing for a 2 year program. Platt College in Oklahoma does have a 2 year program. As far as I know there's not a waiting list. It is definitely more expensive than a community college but you'll be able to start right away. Good luck to you! Welcome to Nursing :-}

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