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    A lot of you may not know me, but I do post here regularly on allnurses. I was also a regular on this particular forum when I joined in March 2009, the same month and year I decided to switch my career to nursing. I was volunteering at a hospital at the time and it just hit me that I should be a nurse instead of what I used to be doing. So 2 months later I started my very first prereq course and it started from there. I applied to an accelerated BSN program to start in 2010 and was waitlisted, never accepted in. I did not give up, tried again to start in 2011 (also applied to a couple of other schools) and this time I got in! However, was torn between another school and this one for weeks ... I ultimately chose to attend the school that originally waitlisted me one year before.

    Just graduated with honors from that program last May, it was perhaps one of the most trying years of my life. Many sacrifices and tears went into my studies and I could not wait to finish. Well, I finally did and was lucky to interview and have a job after graduation. I worked for a couple of months before sitting for the NCLEX and happy to say I passed on my first try. I am now a licensed RN working in a profession I only dreamed of back in 2009. Long road, but it finally arrived somewhere.

    So here it is September 2012, and I wanted to come back for a second to where it all started, to let you know that I haven't forgotten. There are many of you out here that are now where I was 3 years ago, and you will progress like I did. It took me a couple of years to complete prereqs but that is only because I had to work and save $$$ for what I knew would be a tough year of full-time studying. If you believe, work hard enough and never give up, you too can achieve your goals like I did. I hope and pray all of you will too, because I love being a nurse!

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    Great post, Paco. Thanks for sharing! I will be applying to one, maybe two, programs in January. Hoping to get accepted into 1 of them! I currently have a 4.0, will be taking the HESI next week.

    Wondering if you have any advice/insight... I am a community college student. I will be applying to their nursing program in January to graduate with an ADN. I plan to work as an RN while completing a bridge program for a BSN. Their NClex pass rate is low to mid 90%. What is your take on also applying to a local university, that has equal Nclex pass rates, and go straight for my BSN? Going straight for my BSN will be 9 months shorter than doing the bridge.

    Thanks for any tips or insight you can provide. I am very happy that you are enjoying nursing and all your hard work and sacrifices have paid off. Way to go!!
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    Great post .. it is nice to hear positive stories of making a career change and making it through. I am doing pre-reqs now and hoping to make it in to an ABSN program next summer. Congrats on the new job and RN license.
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    I hope to be as successful as you! Thanks for visiting us pre nursing students :-)
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    Thanks everyone! Just wanted to clarify that I wholeheartedly recommend going for the BSN if you have a choice between ADN and BSN. Not that I believe you would get a better education this way, but because of the more job prospects that will be available to you. I live in the NYC metro area, and most all hospital employers will only consider BSNs (save for the fact that is hard enough to be a new grad either way). That was my motivation to do a BSN. I must acknowledge that I do work with some excellent experienced ADN nurses (one being my preceptor) but in 2012, a brand new ADN degree won't get very far beyond perhaps long-term care. Granted, there are exceptions out there. Hospitals are motivated to go Magnet, which means a large number of their nursing staff has to be BSN. Had I gone ADN, I would be in my 2nd year of the nursing program right now perhaps working part-time too. I am now licensed and working full-time for 3 months. I say I picked the most cost effective route.
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    Hi Paco-RN, I am hoping to start an acclerated BSN course this summer. Any advice that you wish you would have known? Time-management strategies? Thanks for a great post!
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    Thank you for letting us know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!
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    Thanks so much for sharing! These days all I seem to hear is "don't go into nursing! no jobs and it is a horrible job if you do land one." Thanks for spreading some sunshine. I really needed to hear that.
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    Quote from dsb_fam
    Hi Paco-RN, I am hoping to start an acclerated BSN course this summer. Any advice that you wish you would have known? Time-management strategies? Thanks for a great post!
    My education to be honest has become a fast blur, insomuch in the details than the experience. I can't think of a single thing I would have wanted to know before beginning the program. Except that I wish I would have saved more money than I did, anticipating more costs. I don't think I would have studied any differently, and it's just hard to do it in an accelerated program. One tip I can offer is never let stuff go until the last minute, as there is just no time for catching up. Try to do things quickly and you will be ok!
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    Awesome advice!! Thx for reaching back!!! God bless you

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