RN Majoring, HELP

  1. Hi, I just started College this Spring Semester. I'm planning to major in the RN program and as of now, I'm taking my generals educations along with the pre-nursing classes at a community college in California. But I want a BSN-RN degree.

    Can I take all my pre-nursing along with the generals at the community college and then transfer to a University in California to earn that BSN-RN? Because, I want the 4 year degree in RN instead of a 2 year degree. Or is the process or becoming a RN is by getting a 2-year Degree then after that, go to a University to get the BSN? I'm very confused.
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  3. by   cjr2619
    Hello! Once you have completed all of your pre requisites you can apply to any nursing program (as long as they don't have any additional pre requisites). It is recommended that you apply to as many programs as possible because with the lottery/wait list systems in California you might have a little wait before getting accepted. So once you are ready, apply everywhere. You do not have to do your pre nursing classes at a CSU/UC to graduate from one with a BSN. Hope this helps! Just know that although most BSN programs in CA are not lotteries, they are extremely competitive. Getting a 4.0 and a TEAS score in the 90s will almost guarantee first time entry.
  4. by   Saysfaa
    Either way. Except that some community college don't offer every prereq of every university - but you could do the rest.
  5. by   Ednach
    you could do which ever is more convenient for you. I will be taking all pre-reqs including those needed to transfer at my cc and then applying to 3 different nursing programs at the nearest cc's. After that I'll be applying a UC or private school or which ever will take me. That's the way a friend of mine did it and as she worked on her bsn she working as a nurse for the county and after got hired at UCSD hospital with great pay and benefits. Good Luck to you
  6. by   hodgieRN
    You can absolutely get your two year RN and then attend a university to get your BSN. Students have the option of going to a community college or simply go right into a bachelors degree at the university. Either way, both are considered RNs. An RN just means you are registered by the state to practice as a nurse and that you passed a certified exam. Both students take the same exam and both are RN's. The only difference in a BSN is that it's a 4 year degree...a bachelors of science in nursing. An RN is an associates degree.... an AA. Once you graduate from the community college with your RN, you will have to apply and get accepted into a university (a bridge program). You don't have to get your RN first at CC b/c BSN also earn the RN with the 4 four year program.
  7. by   HouTx
    OK Folks! Enough already. There is no "RN degree".... the degree is ADN, BSN, MSN, etc... The only way to get the "R" is by passing the state licensing board - NCLEX.

    These are two separate processes. You do have to have a nursing degree in order to be eligible for NCLEX. Unfortunately, there are many people who receive the degree but don't make it past NCLEX - either unable to make a passing score or just don't take the exam (crazy huh? but it happens). On the other hand, once you have that degree, no one can ever take it away... unlike a nursing license, which has to be maintained via re-licensure every 2 years AND complying with your state's Nurse Practice Act.

    So - don't let me hear you talking about that "RN degree" anymore. I don't wanna have to give you a time out.
  8. by   hodgieRN
    RN degree