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I am currently a sophmore in my fall semester of college. I was considering transferring into a nursing program outside of my school because my school chooses freshman over internal transfers and ill... Read More

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    I'm a CNA as well. I was in a high school nursing program that helped students to become lpns once they graduated but they cram everything into two years and the teachers just give you the notes and you're left to fend for yourself. I know we weren't babies but when we had questions, the teacher who had been a nurse for almost 30 years could barely answer us and when we reviewed test, we had to correct her at times lol. I just know I wasn't ready to take an NCLEX PN with that kind of teaching lol so I got my CNA and I'm working while in school for my BSN

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    I too, am in the same boat deciding which route to take. I could apply to my current community college and more than likely get in. However, I really think I should go for my Bachelor's as this is becoming the norm. It would take me probably the same amout of time to complete my bachelor's as the associates because I've taken a good bit of the prereq's. I am weighing costs and the bachelor degree program is more costly than the other. I am leaning toward the Bachelor's. Ahhhhhh decisions-decisions!!
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