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    I'm not sure where this should be posted so please move it if needed.
    My husband is in the army and we could possibly move to Germany this spring. I have finished my pre reqs for nursing school and was planning on going to school at our next duty station. Can I go to school in Germany and get licensed here in the states? Or do I need to go to school state side. Our other choices are NY, CO and HI. THanks

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    You would need to investigate if prerequisites would transfer, how much it would cost and you would need to be fluent in German.As to whether it would get you a license in the US only the BON could tell you.
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    I don't think you can usually endorse your license from another country to the US. You usually have to take NCLEX.
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    That is what I figured. We have a list of 4 possible places and Germany is not high on my list because it sets back my school timeline.
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    University offers quite a bit at the military installations, however I don't know if it offers an entire nursing program. I could see how NCLEx could also be a problem. Granted it has been almost 10 years since I have moved back stateside, but I vaguely remember them actually having a few brick and mortar campuses throughout Germany also. One being around Ramstein Air Base, which I am sure they would offer more classes at. Contact your education office and see what they can tell you before you go. Good Luck with your search!
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    Oops that is supposed to say University of Maryland..... so sorry!
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    I don't know about Germany, but one of my instructors was a nurse in Holland. when she moved here nothing transferred. She had to start from scratch with pre reqs and everything. She just finally got her masters last year.
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    I would try for one of the states before considering Germany. My S/O is in the military and had a chance of going overseas, which scared me because I would want to go with him but I would have to put everything on hold. Luckily, he got Dover AFB. I think if you were still in pre req phase then going overseas would be fine and you could finish online but I do not think you can actually do the nursing part overseas and have it as a valid degree in the states.

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