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Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

  1. 0 Hello everyone, my professor forgot to grade 8 assignments which leaves me at a C. If she had graded them I would be at an A. I contacted her immediately and she emailed me saying she would fix it. Well its been 4 weeks now and my grade still has not changed, I emailed her twice and called her and left a message no response yet. What can I do who can I talk to about this? I tried talking to the operator and she was very nasty and basically told me there is nothing I can do. Please help thanks.
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    You need to follow your school's procedure for going up the chain of command. Typically, it's instructor, then head of department, then so on up the line. Did you contact the instructor at any point since the initial email? Considering that it's a busy time of year with end of semester work, holidays, setting up a new semester, it could have slipped through the cracks.
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    Thank you for replying. I have tried contacting her multiple times but have heard nothing. Im getting really nervous now, I have her emails stating that she made a mistake and will fix it, as proof. I think if I don't hear from her by tomorrow I will contact the dean. As I only have a limited time to change my grade.
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    Just found out she won't be in until the 17 great!
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    I agree with Rose_Queen. Double check the class syllabus that should outline "the chain of command" to direct your concerns if you are not getting a response from the responsible faculty. I suspect there are levels between the faculty and the dean of the school/college. I also suspect there is a greater window of time than you think to change a grade for an error//omission. If you skip steps in the chain of command, the dean may likely kick it back down to the lower levels and you won't get an answer any faster.
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    Move up the chain of command. And I hope you saved that email from her. That is your ticket to get it fixed. Forward it to head of department.
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    Should I wait until the 17 to say something? Or should I just contact the Dean now? I don't want to jump the gun but on the other hand it's been since Dec 14
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    Follow the advice already given. Just to ease your nerves, do not worry. Eventually it will work out, sooner or later. You know that with the rest of the assignments graded you will have an A. It is just the matter of time.
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    If she has stopped responding I would be moving up the chain. You NEED to bring that email where she states she made a mistake and will fix it. Or go to the school yourself and ask to see her. 4 weeks things start getting forgotten. Stay professional and polite, but be clear what the situation is.
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    OK so I talked to someone in admissions they say I have 60 days to change it. That makes me feel a little better, I guess I will just wait until the 17 to call her. Only something like this could happen to me
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    You've received some good advice.

    First, I don't understand why you're willing to wait on a teacher who has already failed to help you. Second, what if this "someone in admissions" is wrong? You think they'll stick their neck out later to save your GPA?

    I think you should look at your student handbook and find the procedure for disputing your grade. Start that process immediately. The more time that passes, the harder it will be to defend yourself. The teacher still looks bad here, but if you keep sitting on this, you could end up looking far worse (think: lazy, c-student, troublemaker, liar, whiner, etc). Your handbook should even address what happens if the teacher dies during a situation like yours! BTW, you may wanna keep copies of those final assignments, if possible, just to cover yourself.

    Good luck, whatever you do.
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    I would definitely move up the chain of the command, but politely. It's important that you get things moving.
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    Thanks for all your help, I contacted someone and that person said that there was a request faxed in to change my grade. And she did! So I got my A!