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Curious to know what the consensus is with regards to the difficulty of these nursing school science prereqs. I personally have not yet taken micro (will do so spring '10) so I don't have a basis for comparison but I am fearing... Read More

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    Quote from SoCaliGirl
    For those who hated Chem...did you find it necessary to have before taking Physiology? It's not required at my school but they say you won't do well in Physio without it. I'd rather not take it if it won't affect anything.
    Based on my experience, I could see how Chem would come into play in Physio (electrolytes come into mind), but other than that, I think I could've done well if I hadn't taken it before Physio. On the other hand, I do recommend taking Chem as it does prep you prior to taking Pharmacology -- another doozy of a class.

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    I would say that you could get by without having chem for Physiology. I did not remember a thing from my chem class and don't even know how I managed to get a B especially since my teacher was horrible. But I took it before Anatomy and Physiology and I don't think I really had to use it. I might have understood some of the things that they talked about because it refreshed my memory but really I didn't see that we used it. I would say that a beginning biology class would help out more. Good Luck!---kelli

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