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Preparing for TEAS test?

  1. 0 Before you started nursing school were you required to take the teas test? If so what did you use to prepare?
    Thanks and all the best! :spin:
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    I was required to take the TEAS. I ordered the TEAS study manual off of the ATI website. It was very similar to the actual test. It was $25 if I remember correctly. Good luck.
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    Thanks, I will order it.

    I really cannot wait to start. I taught middle school science and got tired of teaching and furlong days are increasing. Lots of people are leaving education and heading toward the nursing profession.
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    Is it true that the ATI study guide is harder than the actual test?
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    I found it to be very similar to the test. Just give yourself time to complete the entire study manual and you should do fine on the TEAS. It is very basic common sense kind of questions.
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    I am finding the science portion in the ATI study guide to be difficult. I don't think some of the questions in the study guide is 'common knowledge'. For example, I never took a physics course, so I had trouble with the physics questions.

    In spite of my 4.0 gpa for the pre-reqs, I'm not optimistic about taking the TEAS after working through the ATI manual.
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    If you're looking for some good science information there are a few great basic sites that cover some of the material from the TEAS test. Check out:, and then at the bottom of the page there are links to chemistry, biology, earth science and physics sites. Hope this helps.
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    I am having lots of trouble with the Life science section, can someone tell me which is a good bk to study from?
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    ^ Yes the test is easier than the ATI book except for the english section. I would brush on that stuff. Sentence structure on the test is wierd.

    The Mcgraw Hill book - I forgot what it is called - something like nursing school entrance is good. if you do a search of that on the forum u can find more info on that.
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    Thank you so much, is the TEAS similar to the practice tests in the McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams bk?

    I think that was the name you were describing before. When did you take the TEAS?

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    ^ I took it about a week ago and I got a 96. the mcgraw hill book is good for the science part. the ATI book is good for the rest of the test but again I would check out like a MLA handbook and brush up on punctuation and sentence structure. If u also got the ATI practice test online - that is basically the same format as the test.