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I know how we all love taking our beloved prewrecks :D so please share the ones that you have enjoyed the most.... Read More

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    I am hearing more and more people saying this. Hopefully, the rest of us taking Micro will feel the same way. Love the hearts. Did you make them?

    Quote from nursekatie22
    MICRO all the way, baby!

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    Developmental Psych was probably my favorite. I'm taking General Psych this semester with the same instuctor and I'm pretty excited about it.

    I also really liked Medical Terminology, but mainly just because of how easy it was (although it was pretty interesting otherwise). I took it on distance over the summer. There were four tests and I got 100 on all of them. No final. The book even came with the flashcards pre-made. Not bad at all.

    I'm also looking forward to taking Micro based on what I've been reading here.

    I didn't like Sociology at all, even though it was an easy A. The professor was extremely biased and I felt like it was a brainwashing class more than anything. We never even used the book really, he just spent the whole time ranting about his political views and why he was right about everything. And if anyone dared voice an opinion that he disagreed with he got very loud and obnoxious.
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    I loved them all but I love even more that they're done
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    A&P I&II, and especially Microbiology because the prof. was great.

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