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I am taking my second semester of pre reqs for the nursing program at my CC this Fall, and I have a delimma. I work full time, but I am planning on quitting my job to go to school full time by the... Read More

  1. by   Bobmo88
    @devyn renee Sounds like the CCE program. I was in the program for a while and did L-team and X-team and I credit my experience with that program the reason why I landed an ER Tech position at the hospital I volunteered at. I was able to get used to interacting with patients, develop CNA skills, network and see a variety of departments like Tele, ER, OR, and NICU. I don't think hospitals will see it as professional experience since it is unpaid but listing your duties on a resume will show that it is hands on. The program was great and it is probably the only way to spend extended amounts of time in departments without having a certification or a license. Glad you're enjoying your experience!
  2. by   bubblejet50
    Are there any CNA classes that you can get taken in 2 weeks? My class was 4 weeks and met like 2-3 times a week (it was about 4 year ago now). I know our community colleges offer a 2 weeks CNA class. You can volunteer at the hospital with no experience. In our city you can also work as a medication aide in a group home. I did not take my MA class before I was hired and they put us through the course. Then we took care of these people. You can look into some facilities hire people to do CNA work but they do not hire CNA's. They name the position something else and do not require the CNA certification. I"m not sure how that legally works but I've seen it done.
  3. by   Lizardkixx
    Quote from devyn renee
    I have to somewhat disagree with the comment above, they are correct that MOST volunteer positions in hospitals just have you delivering flowers and such but there are a few exist that do involve patient care so do your research. I'm not sure where you're located geographically but I live in so cal and am a part of a "clinical internship" for college students wanting to enter healthcare. We spend all of our time on the floor and assist the nurses with whatever they need done. That could mean answering phones or it could be turning pts, bathing pts, feeding pts, and everyones favorite wiping butts! This particular program allows us to be on virtually any floor in the hospital included tele, med/surg, ICU, ER, and Main OR amongst about half a dozen others. It's incredibly rewarding and I have learned A TON, plus the networking has been extremely beneficial. I just wanted to let you know that clinical volunteer positions exist and I hope you can find one near you that is a good fit for you!

    What hospital? I also live in southern california an have been looking for a good place to gain some experience an volunteer work.
  4. by   traumanurse2b?
    I volunteered at my local hospital (in Virginia) and I wasn't delivering flowers or anything like that. When I was in Mother and Baby, I mostly answered the phone, set up the rooms for new patients, loaded carts with supplies, and anything the nurses needed. When I was in PACU, I transferred patients to other floors and outpatient, got supplies when the nurses needed them, answered the phone, called for beds, and anything else they needed. It really depends on the area you are working but my hospital was very accommodating and wanted to utilize my strengths. I wanted to experience areas I would not normally experience so that's how I wound up where I was. It wouldn't hurt for you to do volunteering, it really gives you a taste of the typical day of a nurse.
  5. by   Bobmo88
    @lizardkixx check your inbox, I just sent you a pm.