Pre A&P I study guide / cards?

  1. I will not be taking A&P I until Spring '14 (Fall '13 filled up FAST). I'd like to get a head start on learning A&P, is there any recommendations as to books or flash cards out there that would be useful???

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    I just started A&P 1 and 2.... I bought a ton of stuff to try to prepare, but honestly the best tool that I have found happens to be free. Look on youtube for crash cart biology. It is hands down the best tool I have used in my studies of A&P thus far. They make it fun and so much more simple than any book. If you just type it into the search it will come up. My advise would be to watch every episode regarding chemistry and cellular function first, as that is what you will be learning first. Watch them several times... believe me it helps! When you get into skeletal, and muscular, and so on they will also help! At least they did for me as a visual learner.... I hope you do great!!!
  4. by   queserasera
    The best advice I can give you is to really bone up on your biology and chemistry. Cell biology and basic understanding of Chem was imperative to doing well in the course I took. There is a book called "Getting ready for A&P" (i can't remember the author, Linda something maybe?) and it goes over all the basics of bio and chem that would be helpful.

    Also, I bought Barron's A&P, and while it didn't go into much detail, I would suggest getting it to read before your course. This was you'll kind of have an idea what to expect.
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    Barrons E-Z Anatomy and Physiology!

    LOVE it
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    Thanks for all the info I greatly appreciate it
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    I bought "Getting Ready for A&P". Thanks for the YouTube info and Barron's. I'm trying to get as much of a heads up as possible!
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    The skull. Memorize the skull. The marks. The dents. The fissures, foramens, notches, etc.. I would feel a LOT better if I got the skull finished. That would put you ahead.. lol
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    Check out and you can search for other peoples' flashcards, maybe even for ones for your class and your school. There's also tests and games and stuff. I just discovered it yesterday and can't believe I ever lived without it.