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    Ok, I'm gonna take the placement test in August...and I was gonna ask, how many of you scored a descent score on the placement test because I know that if you dont get a college level score then you will have to take more English and Math classes.(which is not what i want to do!)I'm not too worried about English but I am worried about Math..And also another question, did you do both tests in one day?

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    At my CC, you took both at the same time. If you failed any portion then you would only retake the portion that you failed.
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    i did ok but i think u can take it as many times as u need to idk i havent taken it in a long time
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    I did good with English but did horrible in Math
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    :heartbeatDo not worry about pass or fail on your placements. These tests are given to gage where you are. Remember, it is about building a solid foundation. You do not want to jump into the ocean if you do not know how to swim. I did well on the English exam but, chose not to take the Math. I took the Math Review class instead just to make sure that my foundation was strong and now I will move on to Algebra 1 this next semester. Good Luck to you.
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    I graduated a 1 1/2 years early from high school (california proficiency exam) and took the placement tests and tested into college english and college trig... meaning the only math class I have left to take is stats. I got up to algebra 2 in high school (with a little bit of pre-calc, but that was after i took the placement test).

    If your a good student, and depending on what classes you took in high school, dont worry about it. Most nursing schools only require stats if you test into college math.
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    I did great on the English but my math was horrible. I had to start at the very beginning in Math and Science, but it was a good thing because it helped in my other pre-reqs. Dont worry, it goes fast. I cant believe I start the nursing program in the fall already. Good luck...

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