Physio question...advice

  1. I am hoping for some advice here. I have signed up for physiology for fall, now i have had a few people tell me that since i have never had a chemistry class, i shouldnt take it yet. I have taken biology and anatomy thus far. I am not quite to college algebra yet, i chose to start all over since i hadnt been to school in a long time. now i am worried that i will not do well in physio at this time. i have to take another algebra class before i can take chemistry it is the prereq, now physio only had bio as a prereq....what should i do?? if i have never had a chem class will i totally be lost? the only chem i have had is the bit from biology,ions and cations, and solvents, etc etc. any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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  3. by   boojum
    I'm sure others will disagree, but I think it is totally doable without chemistry. You may need to look up a few things, but I don't think you will be lost.
  4. by   supermotojen
    I agree- I took physio before chem. There are chemical reactions that are covered (mostly biochem) including O2 exchange,acids and bases of the body, etc, and certain levels of elements we need in our body to carry out its functions. I believe that it is possible for you to take the class before chem. If you know the chemical portions in the class may be harder for you, at least you have a good idea where you need to study a little more.
  5. by   wazeout
    of course it's doable. For the most part, physio concentrates on how the parts (anatomy) work. So, while chem. is involved, the most chemistry you will need to know will be in your physiology book and what ever your instructor teaches during lectures. Most A&P instructors prefer for you to learn from them and use the book as a supplement to expand on what they are teaching you. There are some laws that you may need to know like henry's law of partial pressures that is needed to understand blood gas exchanges in the the aveoli and tissues.
  6. by   OB-nurse2013
    I agree I took many of my classes out of order and did fine. I took physiology before chemistry and had no problems, there was barely anything really in it that you really need it. I also took chemistry and organic chemistry before my algebra classes which also was not recommended but it was fine. Good Luck, I'm sure you'll do fine
    Over here in Las Vegas AP is taken as Anat&Physio I and II. So its better because the classes make more sense when taken at the same time and I have to say the amount of chemistry is pretty minimal. Not rocket science type stuff just memorizing a few equations and gas laws. Btw Im not taking Chem I and II until this fall and then the last class next summer during NS!

    And I got an A in AP1 and I am expecting an A in AP2!
  8. by   NCRNMDM
    I think that you are going to be absolutely fine to do physiology without chemistry. I took one basic chemistry before anatomy and physiology, our school does the two together, and I was fine. If you've done anatomy and some other biology coursework, you should do okay. You may have to look a few things up, but it shouldn't be any harder, or easier, for you than it would be for anyone else. Just study and do your best. Good luck!