PAX PN entrance exam taken yesterday...what does my score mean?

  1. Hi, everyone. I took the Pax PN entrance exam yesterday and I received my score right afterwards since it was a computerized test. I stayed up late searching this site for any info I could find about the exam as far as scoring and what's a good/passing score etc. I just found this site yesterday and can't stay away from it, so much helpful info!

    My overall score on the exam was 143. Is there anyone out there who has taken the exam and knows ANYTHING about how the scoring works, good score, bad score? I don't know what score is required to get into my school's program and although I am able to see the results of my exam on the NLN testing I don't know what all those numbers mean?????
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  3. by   ThePhilster
    From my research that means you did AWESOME. The highest score is 200, but really its hard to crack 150. If you got around 150 that means you got mostly all questions right. 143 is REALLY high.
  4. by   PedsHopeful
    A 143 puts you in the 98th percentile! Awesome job!
  5. by   ShesAcuteNurse
    Thanks for the info! I can't tell you how happy I am and so relieved The lady at the exam site said "You did very well" after viewing my results page on my screen but I assumed that was exam protocol, to say nice and encouraging things. The program starts in January so hopefully I will hear something soon. Will definitely be posting an update!
  6. by   shorty34
    Hi congrads to you. How can i study for the Pax PN? I have the Rea study guide for Pax RN. Can I use the same book to study for Pax PN?
  7. by   Streamline2010
    I took my preadmission tests in early 2010. The NLN PAX and the HESI pre-entrance exams are pretty similar. to each other. I used a Cliff's Notes Biology book since I never had general biology, the McGraw Hill RN pre-entrance exam study guide, and my HESI A2 study guide or whatever it's called. There's link for a fere download of PF of the McGraw Hill book. IO found it on this board. I reposted it a time or two.

    TEAS test review is also similar. See and Look through through the free selections there for sample test questions. But I don't really recommend buying their products.

    For a math review, I recommend any GED math review book. For English grammar and comprehension, a GED book might also work. I never have had any problems with reading, spelling, or grammar. That stuff is all second nature to me.

    I'd already taken A&P I & II and microbiology. And had math and chemistry out the wazoo, lol. I have used English and SI units and converted back and forth between them for years, but I don't think much of that was on the test. There was a little smattering of general physics but I can't recall what topics.
  8. by   ShesAcuteNurse
    @shorty34 There is a study guide by National League of Nursing available for Pax Pn. They may have it at your local library.
  9. by   justinpark09
    this test > TEAS V> HESI 2A ....
  10. by   ashleyf93
    would you say that the non review guide for lpn is similar to the test?